A class of its own

on Monday, June 16, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Set apart from any other rack we’ve manufactured, the Kendall Howard Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Rack is truly unique. This rack has so many features – we don’t know where to begin!

First of all, the Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Rack is one of the strongest of its kind. Made from heavy gauge steel, these racks can hold up to 150 lbs. with zero defection. We’ve uniquely engineered this rack to provide durable support and easy accessibility for the installation and management of cabling, hubs, patch panels, routers, switches, and other networking devices.

But not just that! The Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Rack was built with reversible mounting capabilities. Based on your specific installation needs, you can mount the rack to swing-out to the left or to the right. An integrated positive stop prevents the gate from being opened more than 90 degrees to avoid damaging or putting stress on the cable and connectivity points. The latch mechanism securely holds the swing gate in a closed position upon completion of the install. If you choose not to use this feature, the bracket can just be removed.

To make installation and maintenance easier, the Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Rack consists of numerous oblong cable lacing points in both the front and the rear. Securing cable bundles is easy, especially with the help of our Hook and Loop Cable Ties.

If you already have a network system in place, the Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Rack is perfect for upgrading a network. With the rack’s open back design, you don’t have to disconnect cables or spend time re-terminating. Simply feed the device through the top, back or sides, mount in place, and you’re done. It’s that simple!

And finally, to help reduce shipping charges, the knockdown design allows us to ship the entire rack in just one box. If the order is received by 3:30 p.m. CST, we can even ship it out that day so you don’t have to wait long to install this heavy duty, “classy” rack.


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