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on Monday, April 2, 2012 3:07:00 PM

As the school year comes to an end, there are many accomplishments to celebrate.  However, now is also the time to begin preparing for the success of the years to come. With the Kendall Howard Advanced Classroom Training Table Collection you can transform your classroom into a clean, focused learning space that is sure to dramatically improve your students overall learning experience.

The modular design allows you to customize the layout and usability of your facility, minimizing distractions, and encouraging individuals to stay focused. The ACTT Collection is engineered to be affordable, yet quality driven, giving everyone the opportunity to orchestrate a structured and effective work space. The fully adjustable leg design allows the surface height to be modified to best suit each user. This capability helps to promote a uniform and professional solution throughout facilities which cater to various age groups, such as schools and community centers. The robust table tops are available in five stunning finishes to help transform any education facility into a warm and inviting learning space that demands success.

Whether it's a  high school classroom or a corporate training center, Kendall Howard's Advanced Classroom Training Tables will dramatically improve a user's overall experience, provide instructors with more fruitful results, and advance your education facility to the next level.

With Kendall Howard the answer is yes... now what's the question?

100% made in the USA?  YES!
Competitive pricing?  YES!
Quality construction?  YES!
Attractive finishes without a fee or up-charge?  YES!
Long Lead Times?  NO! (okay, we will say no when you want us to!)

Compared to other manufacturers 3-5 week lead-times, most orders ship in 3-5 DAYS!

Don't wait weeks and pay thousands more to customize and expedite your training table solution!  For more information click here or call us at (651) 213-1333.


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