Charitable Dunking!

on Saturday, July 21, 2012 1:28:00 PM

You are standing in front of a dunk tank.  Your boss is sitting atop the platform and you have three shots to send them into the ice cold waters below. As if the fantasy couldn't get any better, you are also helping people less fortunate in the process!?!?!  I know what you're thinking.... this is some crazy dream, but this actually happened last weekend at the Annual IHG Employee Picnic!  

This year's picnic (like every year) definitely topped last year!  We had a fully catered BBQ style lunch, two gigantic bouncy houses, face painters, caricaturists and hundreds of giveaways. But, the grand event was the oh-so-fun dunk tank.  Through-out the entire day, all of the Divisional Managers took their turn climbing up on to the dunking platform. In order to get a chance to dunk the lucky members of the managerial staff, we had to bring canned goods. One can/box = three throws! Although all the managers walked away with soggy britches,  most people saved their ammunition for the grand finale!  The CEO would be the last and final dunkee. Now,the local fire department had been nice enough the fill the dunk tank early in the morning with lukewarm water, which also had a chance to warm up through out the day. But, we felt that the CEO should have fresh, clean, water in the tank. So we drained the dunk tank, and the fire department took water straight from the fire hydrant to fill it back up. On top of that, just to make sure the water was extra "refreshing", we added a couple coolers of ice.  (insert evil laugh)   Needless to say - we lost count of how many times he was dunked, but I think the last recorded number was somewhere around 96?!?!?!

At the end of this fantastic day, we had over $1,000.00 worth of canned goods, which Kendall Howard matched, and it was all donated to the local food shelf. 


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