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on Monday, July 28, 2014 9:00:00 AM

In today’s network and IT world, space is at a premium. As technology continues to change and advance, where and how equipment is installed continues to change as well. Nowadays more network components are being mounted to the wall or within a wall mount rack or cabinet. The installation process can make all the difference in how well your network component is secured.

Depending on what you are mounting to the wall, you will use either studs or wall anchors. But there are several types of framing and wall finishes, such as block walls, sheet rock, wood, and more, and therefore your mounting hardware will differ between materials.

Instead of spending time trying to determine which hardware to use, check out Kendall Howard’s Wall Mount Anchor Kit. It is easy to use and will have you mounting racks and cabinets like a pro in no time!

This anchor kit makes installation a snap. Rather than using a typical compression anchor that expands as you insert the screw, this anchor kit creates a ¼ 20 threaded hole that makes it easy to create level mounting holes. The Wall Mount Anchor Kit features a safety ring that prevents the bolt from rubbing on the edge of the wall covering, and secures the threaded insert to the back of the wall creating a 2.5” diameter toggle to distribute the weight of the unit you are mounting. Within minutes you’ll be able to securely mount your device to the wall.

To install the anchor kit, simply complete these steps:

1. Make small marks on the wall that match the mounting pattern of the item you are mounting. (Make sure the holes are level for proper installation.)

2. Use a ½” drill bit to drill a hole into the wall.

3. Insert the toggle into the hole and use the finger loop to pull it firmly back against the wall.

4. Slide the bolt guide toward the toggle until it is flush with the wall.

5. Separate the finger loop and snap the toggles off at the wall.

6. Hold the item you are mounting against the wall and line up the holes.

7. Use an electric screwdriver and set it to the lightest slip setting screw in the ¼ 20 bolts until the drill starts to slip. (For added strength, install the included washers.)

Once you’ve completed these steps, your product will be securely and properly mounted to the wall. If you need to change something out of your installation, simply unscrew the blots, replace the device, and reinstall the device.

The Kendall Howard Wall Mount Anchor Kit is easy to use and saves you time and money. Now you can easily mount your racks, cabinets, televisions, computers, and more with this convenient anchor kit.


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