Manage your Rack!

on Monday, February 17, 2014 5:45:00 PM

Manage your server rack in style and with ease with the help of Kendall Howard’s new cable managers. We’ve launched six new products (available in a variety of sizes and quantities) to help you turn a chaotic and messy rack, into a clean and well-organized network system. Where you choose to mount your cable manager is up to you! The possibilities are endless!

Below is a snippet of each product to help get your cable management juices flowing! Read on and have fun!

First on the list is the Flat Cable Lacing Panel. Designed with you in mind, this panel easily mounts to your rack equipment and provides convenient access to your network cables. The sleek design allows you to mount it flat against the wall, leaving you plenty of space for other cable configuration needs.

Want to save even more space? Check out the Flanged Lacing Bar. Available in three depth sizes, these unique bars use less than one U space on your rack. No U space is used if the bar is mounted behind or in front of your equipment. Talk about space saving!

Think we’re out of new products yet? We’re just getting started!

Introducing the 1U Cable Lacing Shelf – a shelf unlike anything we’ve released before! It wasn’t built to just offer support when routing cable connections; it was built to provide permanent support for up to 10 lbs. of network cables. Don’t let your cables hang around anymore! The 1U Cable Lacing Shelf has arrived.

Other new arrivals include the Finger Duct Cable Manager and the Slotted Routing Cable Manager. Both styles include fingers to help you neatly route cables between panels and create organization across the rack. The Finger Duct Cable Manager has narrow fingers for easy separation when routing cables between ports. Equipped with flanged narrow and wide fingers, the Slotted Routing Cable Manager will help route and retain cables during and after installation. Both styles include a convenient cover to not only enclose the cables, but also create a clean look for your rack. For additional convenience, rear cut outs can be found on both styles and work great when routing these cable managers back to back.

And finally, no product line would be complete without its accessories! The Hook and Loop Cable Ties are the perfect addition to any of Kendall Howard’s new cable managers. Built to be reused up to 200 times, these unique cable ties cannot be over tightened and will not harm cables. Use them with other cable managers, various Kendall Howard racks, and even around the house! That messy jungle of cables behind your computer or TV counsel is no match for the Hook and Loop Cable Ties.

We told you there were endless possibilities and we weren’t kidding! Check out our entire new line of cable managers and let the fun begin!


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