Meet the LINIER Assembly Team

on Friday, August 31, 2012 12:17:00 PM

Every employee here at Kendall Howard takes great pride in their work.  So, we had the fun idea of letting you know exactly who is responsible for the quality and assembly of your product!  Our LINIER line of network cabinets is a perfect example of how we take ownership of our work. Each cabinet is built from start to finish by one individual.  This person is solely responsible for the cabinet. Each of the LINIER team members has their own "ID card" that has a little information about them as well as their picture. Once they have completed the assembly they sign the card and insert it inside the cabinet, this way you can put a name and a face with the production of your product. Although some of the cards are a little funny and light-hearted, the messages they convey are serious. We are not only proud of the quality of products that we manufacturer, but we are also thankful to all of our customers who continually support American manufacturing!

Be sure to check out the LINIER Assembly Team ID Card in the next LINIER Cabinet you purchase!


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