Quick Reference Guide to Choosing your LINIER® Cabinet

on Monday, August 25, 2014 8:25:00 AM

Earlier this year, Kendall Howard added a vast amount of products to our line of LINIER® Full Size Server Cabinets. We now have two depths, four heights, and 12 door styles to choose from. But if you’re unsure which depth or height or door is appropriate for you, don’t worry! Kendall Howard is here to help! We’ve created a Quick Reference Guide to choosing your LINIER® Full Size Server Cabinet. Follow the steps below or check out our Quick Reference Guide to start choosing your cabinet today!

1. Pick your depth: We offer both 24” and 36” deep cabinets. The 24” deep cabinets are best suited for telecom and datacom systems, audio/visual equipment, and other shallower equipment. When you need to house network servers, battery backups, switching banks, and other larger pieces of equipment, the 36” deep cabinets will do the trick.

2. Pick your height: Now that you have your depth, it’s time to choose your height. To accommodate a variety of potentially installed pieces of equipment, we offer 22U, 27U, 37U, and 42U heights.

3. Pick your door style: The real fun starts now! With 12 different styles available, you can choose the cabinet right for you. We offer glass, solid, vented, and convex doors, as well as cabinets without doors and/or without side panels. All doors can be left or right mounted to accommodate your particular installation. If you’re not sure which doors are appropriate for your equipment, here’s a few benefits of each style:

  • Glass Doors: With a glass door, you can still view/monitor the equipment without having to open the cabinet. The glass door is also great when you need remote access to your equipment because you can still send and retrieve a signal through the door. If the door should ever break, the glass is tempered so it will shatter into pieces, limiting the risk of injury from large pieces of glass. Glass doors are one the more economical solutions to your LINIER® Full Size Server Cabinet.
  • Solid Doors: Conceal your valuable equipment from unwanted viewing and prevent dust and debris from settling on your equipment with the solid door. The solid door is another economical choice for your cabinet.
  • Vented Doors: For those pieces of equipment that generate a lot of heat, the vented doors are a great option because they allow air flow and ventilation around your equipment. (To help further increase air flow, fans and spacer blanks are also available and can be used in any of the LINIER® Full Size Server Cabinets.)
  • Convex Doors: Convex doors give you a little more room because the door protrudes out about an inch, allowing more space for your equipment and/or cables. This door style is also great when you want to add a little more of an aesthetic appeal to your cabinet.
  • No Doors/No Side Panels: For a completely open frame model, the cabinet without doors and side panels gives you full access.
  • No Doors: When you need complete access to the front and rear of your equipment at all times, the series without doors is a great solution. 

4. Find your SKU: Now that you know what style you want, you just need the SKU. Check out our Quick Reference Guides for the 24” deep and 36” deep cabinets and find your SKU. It’s that simple.

As always, the Kendall Howard team is here to answer your questions and concerns. Contact us or have a Live Chat with one of our sales representatives, and let us help you find the right LINIER® Full Size Server Cabinet.


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