Rising above...

on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 9:45:00 AM

At Kendall Howard we go out of our way to make sure our products are more than “standard.” Now, we understand that in our industry there are numerous standards that we must adhere to...but that doesn’t mean we can’t set new ones when it comes to quality, functionality, and creativity!

Take our Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Rack for example. (Or as many of us around here refer to as the “Bad A** Rack.”) It has all the standard features that any rack would need: EIA compliant, 16” on center mounting, RoHS compliant, etc. But rather than creating a simple 4-post frame that sags when loaded and is swung open like everyone else’s…we chose to rise above the standard that has been set in the market for swing-out racks!

Or how about our 2-Post Cable Cove Rack? Again, we followed all the set industry standards (EIA compliant, gangable, able to anchor to the floor, etc.) But again, why deliver a simple two post rack that requires you to buy vertical cable managers that cost more than the rack when we can include two 4” cable management channels right down the sides of the rack?

Some may say we are stubborn, but we say we just choose to do it better! You can see it in almost every product in the Kendall Howard line, and even in our little sister LINIER®!

LINIER® was born to provide a very economical solution, and at first we did the very thing that makes us cringe! We did what had become the market standard – imported products from overseas! And like we could have guessed, that didn’t last for long! None of us could stand it! So we found a way to make an economy line of racks, right here in the USA, unlike anyone else! We found a way to rise above the standard.

So while “standard” may work for most other folks...at Kendall Howard we will never be satisfied with it.