SOHO...what does that even mean?

on Monday, October 6, 2014 8:10:00 AM

The answer is Small Office Home Office. Small Office Home Office (SOHO) racking solutions are more popular than ever. Server and networking equipment is constantly evolving and becoming much smaller and much more efficient. Being able to do more with less allows small to medium retail and service industry stores to be able to operate a network in a much smaller footprint than ever before.

Why is this important?

The most common answer to a business owner or store manager would be SPACE. In many cases the network and server(s) are hosted in a back office area. The back office at many smaller companies is extremely cramped, making hosting server and network equipment an obstacle. The same can be said for a home office. People work from home now more than ever before thanks to the internet and advances in technology. Working from home should not require a tradeoff of your wardrobe closet or getting rid of the grandfather clock for a bulky 6’ server cabinet. Whether it is a commercial property or a residence, space will always be a concern.

What racking solutions are available to ease your space concerns?

One of our goals here at Kendall Howard is to always listen and react to our ever-changing industry. We designed the Compact SOHO Server Cabinet to conveniently fit in areas a full size server cabinet would not. Its condensed size is ideal for storage closets, under desks or in storage areas without wasting valuable space. The Compact SOHO Server Cabinet comes in two different sizes, 8U and 12U, and can be ordered with or without doors.

What kind of features come with the SOHO?

  • Quality, Secure Enclosure: The quality construction provides a safe, secure cabinet to store expensive equipment and devices. The locking front and rear doors prevent unauthorized use, especially helpful for network configurations that are in an open office environment.
  • Lift-Off Front and Rear Doors: Unique hinge system allows the front and rear doors to be easily removed when installing or performing maintenance on equipment such as servers, network switches, battery backups, and more. (Does not apply to SOHO cabinets without doors)
  • Mobility: Included caster kit creates a mobile racking system perfect for home, small office or studio environments.
  • Adjustable Rails: Universal cage nut style rails can be adjusted from 3” to 29” deep to accommodate various depth equipment.
  • Cooling/Ventilation: Vented side panels and the included 78 cfm fan promote air flow and prevent hot spots. SOHO Cabinets with doors also feature perforated doors for increased ventilation.
  • Cable Routing Slot: The 10” x 2.25” cut out on the bottom rear of the cabinet provides a cable entrance point for network, telecom and/or power cables.

What accessories work well with the SOHO Cabinet?

  • A Cantilever Rack Shelf will support small non-rackmount equipment such as modems, routers, small access points, and any other type of small networking components that are not designed to mount directly into rack rails.
  • A Universal Wire Minder can be used to manage power, fiber or CAT cables coming in or going out of the rack unit.
  • Do not forget Cage Nuts and Rack Screws for securing your equipment into the cage nut style mounting rails. This hardware is typically needed and is NOT included in the purchase of the racking unit.

What’s the overall message?

Space matters. Network space is valuable and by minimizing your rack footprint, the more space you’ll have for other goods vital to your home and/or business. The Compact Series SOHO Server Cabinets can help accomplish your networking needs in a condensed cabinet. Please contact the sales team at Kendall Howard to learn about the SOHO Cabinet and other options to meet your networking needs.


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