Say Goodbye to Keys!

on Monday, September 22, 2014 8:15:00 AM

First it was the car. We moved from keyless entry to push button start for our vehicles, and then our homes had similar options with push button and biometric locks. People pay for the convenience and the security that comes with keyless entries. Nowadays you can secure, access, and control just about anything without the use of keys – including server racks and cabinets, and now even the LINIER® Wall Mount Cabinets!

With the LINIER® Wall Mount Combination Lock, you now have a low cost, keyless entry* solution that can easily be installed within minutes. This lock works with both the LINIER® Fixed and Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinets, and even works in cabinets already installed in the field! The LINIER® Wall Mount Combination Lock is a great way to secure your equipment without the hassle of tracking down keys or trying to remember who had them last.

Ask yourself the following questions and then consider installing the new LINIER® Wall Mount Combination Lock:

  • Do you have multiple technicians that need access to the same cabinet?
  • How do you deal with lost keys?
  • How do you deal with retrieving keys after employee turnover?

With the LINIER® Wall Mount Combination Lock you can resolve these issues without excess keys laying around and potentially getting in the hands of unauthorized users. Don’t wait until the security is breached! For less than the price of a lock smith, you can securely protect your equipment and prevent problems before they happen!

*The LINIER® Wall Mount Combination Lock requires a four digit combination when it’s first installed. (It does feature a key override in case of emergency or if you need to change the code. To change the combination, refer to the included set of instructions.) ­


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