Tapped Rails vs. Cage Nut Style Rails

on Friday, May 2, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Frequently at Kendall Howard, we are asked why we tend to prefer cage nut style rails for our products versus tapped rail solutions. The answer is quite simple: longevity.

Yes, tapped rails do require less hardware and a fraction of the installation time, so we understand the appeal. But what happens when a hole is stripped? Stripping screws and/or tapped holes is an unfortunate evil we all have faced, because once that hole is stripped, that U space is deemed useless. In some rack solutions the rails can be replaced, but that becomes a hassle. You must first order new rails, wait for the delivery, uninstall all the components, replace the rails, reinstall everything again, and probably redo the cable management as well.

Save yourself the time and the hassle and use cage nut style rails. With cage nut style rails, when a hole is stripped, you simply pop out the cage nut and install a new one. That’s it! A quick, 30 second, four cent fix!

Not to mention cage nut style rails are perfect for taking advantage of some of our toolless cable managers and accessories. The full line of Kendall Howard Filler Panels/Spacer Blanks feature toolless clips that can be secured into the square cage nut opening without the use of tools. Even some of our most popular cable managers, such as the 5X D-Ring Cable Managers and Cable Routing Blanks, come with toolless clips to make installation easy.

There’s a place for both rail styles on the market. So while we at Kendall Howard, and many of our customers, may prefer cage nut style rails, there is still a place for tapped rails. It truly comes down to the installers’ preference and that’s why with some of our most popular products we offer rail kits in both cage nut and/or tapped styles. We want to fit your needs because at the end of the day, we want you, our customers, to be happy!


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