This rack is pretty hard core

on Monday, July 18, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Around the Kendall Howard office, we tend to nickname some of our products during development. We do this because either we’re brainstorming the appropriate name for when we send it to market, it’s easier than just saying “that new rack we’re making,” and also it brings some extra laughs to the development meetings. Well, for those of you who don’t know, we call the Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Rack the bad a**. Why? Well, because it’s pretty bad a**!

OK, I’ll give you a little more insight than just that. This is no ordinary swing-out rack. Yes, the front gate obviously swings-out, but once that gate reaches 90 degrees, the gate stops. It won’t budge or go any further…so when you grab the front gate to pull it open, it won’t fling out of control toward you. I know we’ve all had to duck below and dodge those cabinet doors from time to time…whether it’s in a data center or even at home in our own kitchens! Those pivoting gates/doors can be dangerous! But this rack’s positive stop prevents the gate from being opened too far to protect your cables/connections…and yes, your face too.

But protecting your face and network connections is not the only thing making the Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Rack so hard core. Whether the gate is in the open or closed position, it can withstand up to 150 lbs. of equipment. Now that’s something to talk about! It’s a rugged, durable open frame rack that holds more than the naked eye would see. Get this – while prototyping this model, our Vice President of Sales sat on the swing-out gate to test its durability! Sadly we don’t have photographic proof, but this happened! How many of you can say you’ve sat on a network rack while it’s been mounted to the wall and neither you nor the rack fell? We think that makes this rack pretty darn bad a**.

And when it comes to the Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Rack, there’s no settling. Meaning you don’t have to settle for only having one installation option. You can mount this rack to swing-out to the left or right – whatever fits your installation and equipment needs! Are there really that many racks on the market that gives you a reverse mounting option the way this one does? Pretty cool, huh? And by cool, I mean bad a**.

You’re probably thinking we’re running out of ways why this rack is "da bomb." Well, not quite! It features an open back design… and that’s not because we ran short on material and simply decided to have our assembly team install one less side on the rack. No, we left it open on purpose! With its backless design you can install the rack over existing network and electrical equipment. There’s no need to unplug everything and then later re-terminate cables because you can just feed your equipment through the top, back or sides of the rack and then mount the rack in place. Bad a**, right? You’ve probably never, or rarely, installed a rack this way before.

OK, I think I’ve engrained the “bad a**” feature in your mind enough by now…but you get it, right? You get why we want you to know that this swing-out rack is so distinct and so different from several products on the market, yes? It holds up to 150 lbs.; it offers reverse mounting; it swings-out and stops at 90 degrees to prevent damage to cables and connection points; its backless design lets you install it over existing equipment; the list goes on and on.

Who doesn’t need a little more bad a** in their life? We all could use some hard core products on our wall or in our data center. Contact us today to get your own Phantom Class® Open Frame Swing-Out Bad A** Rack. You know you want to.