We took it to the next level!

on Monday, August 11, 2014 8:30:00 AM

The Adjustable CPU Holder from Kendall Howard has taken a great idea to the next level. This innovative product allows users to safely secure their CPU tower to either the wall or under a desk. Being able to mount under a desk is a great advancement in functionality compared to the current SFF CPU Holder and Desktop CPU Holder. Not every work station or office desk has a space along the side or a nearby wall to fasten a CPU shelf.Adding the ability to mount under the desk solves these problems, giving the support team at Kendall Howard more ways to fulfill your mounting needs.

Another advancement you will find with the Adjustable CPU Holder is the width and height adjustments. Easy grip knobs are located on the front, back, and base of the unit for comfortable and easy adjusting. The 4” – 9” width adjustment and the 13.2” – 23.3” height adjustment makes the Adjustable CPU Holder a real juggernaut when it comes to protecting your CPU.

Adding a CPU Holder to your home or work office environment will not only free up space on or under your desk, but it will also help extend the life of your equipment. If I had statistics on how many computers are damaged every year by spilled coffee or because they’re used as a footrest, I would be posting those statistics here. Unfortunately I was not able to find a credible source with that data. Accidents happen, but you can lower the risk of damage to your computer by adding a great and innovative Adjustable CPU Holder from Kendall Howard.


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