What is a LAN Station anyway?

on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 9:47:00 AM

While our line of Performance Series® and Performance Plus® LAN Stations/Workbenches are utilized for a large variety of applications such as desks, security monitoring stations, shipping stations, and more, both series are most commonly used as a LAN Station. Many people ask us, what exactly is a LAN Station? Well, LAN stands for Local Area Network. This is a computer network that connects multiple computers and other technology, such as servers and printers, within a limited area, such as a business, home or office. In many businesses, including Kendall Howard, someone is in charge of setting up computers for new employees, making companywide upgrades, and much more. Having a clean and organized workspace with a lot of desktop and storage space is crucial. Not to mention their workstation needs to be rugged enough to hold the weight of many technology devices and withstand quite a bit of traffic. This is why the Performance Series® and Performance Plus® LAN Stations from Kendall Howard have become so popular. They perfectly suit LAN technicians but because of their modular, robust design, they cross into many other applications as well.

What make these benches so great? Well let’s start by discussing the Performance Series®. The Performance Series® LAN Stations/Workbenches are constructed of heavy gauge tube steel. Its welded frame can support up to 1,000 lbs. and is topped with a scratch and spill resistant melamine shelving. Now most of the time when something is durable and functional, you have to compromise on its appearance. That is not the case with the Performance Series® Workbenches. The high performing melamine is available in five stunning colors: Folkstone (light gray/beige) and four wood grain finishes (Hard Rock Maple, Caramel Apple, Serene Cherry, and African Mahogany).

Now let’s talk about why people can’t get enough of the Performance Series® LAN Station/Workbenches. The answer is modularity! Configuring a room is easy because we offer four different series/styles and five sizes! Each series includes a basic frame and fixed height work surface, but from there you can choose a variety of shelving configurations. The sizes we offer are 24” wide, 48” wide, 72” wide, 96” wide, and a corner design so you can layout just about any configuration you desire. With all these configurations, most people would expect a 2-3 week lead time. Not true with Kendall Howard’s Performance Series®! We have our standard Folkstone color benches in stock at all times, and the specialty wood finishes only take 3-5 days to ship.

I could go on and on with more of the incredible features this series has to offer, but you can check them all out by clicking PERFORMANCE LAN STATIONS on our website. 

Now that you know what all the hype is about the Kendall Howard Performance Series®, let me introduce the Performance Plus® LAN Stations/Workbenches. The Performance Plus® LAN Stations take modular and customized to the next level. This series features a completely welded heavy gauge tube steel frame – we refer to this as a 4-post frame. The 4-post frame design can support even more weight than the Performance Series®. All Performance Plus® shelving and work surfaces are comprised of a thicker, 1.25” compressed wood substrate, and sealed with an attractive light speckled laminate. Once installed, the heavy duty, laminate shelving can support up to 850 lbs. per shelf! Because this product is configured to order, you have the option of designing your perfect workbench or storage solution. We offer various shelving widths (36”, 48”, 60”, and 72”) and two depths (24” – typically used for shelving, and 30” - typically used for work surfaces). To create the perfect solution, all you have to do is order the side frame kits and the shelves/work surfaces you need, and assemble. The 4-post side frame kits feature mounting holes in one inch increments so you can adjust your shelving to just the right height. 

No two benches have to be alike. Another great feature of the Performance Plus® LAN Stations/Workbenches is that you can easily gang multiple benches together. Each side frame can have shelves mounted on either side, therefore if you need two bench configurations mounted side-by-side, you can utilize one 4-post side frame in between them, saving you money and automatically ganging them together. 

But again, what truly makes this product fly off the shelf is the fact that it is on the shelf! We manufacture all of the components needed to build a customized solution, however you don’t have a custom price tag or lead time! All components are in stock, and it typically only takes 24-48 hours to pull your configuration and prepare it for shipment. Whether you want more info or you want help configuring, click on PERFORMANCE PLUS LAN STATIONS on our website.

You now know about both LAN Station series so we should chat about what can really make or break your solution. The answer is accessories! Need to add power, monitors, keyboard trays, drawers, and more? No problem! We have a wide variety of accessories that can truly make a workstation complete. From an under the desk 19” EIA racking solution, to casters for mobility, the Performance Series® and Performance Plus® accessories will enhance your overall solution. 

Now that I have you all amped up about our LAN Stations, the next step is to check them out for yourself! Explore the numerous possibilities of our Performance Series®, Performance Plus®, and accessories to find the right LAN Station solution for you. Need help finding the right workbench or creating a customized solution? Simply contact us and we’d be happy to help!


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