Why CPU Brackets help extend the life of your equipment

on Friday, June 7, 2013 8:51:00 AM

The computer and digital age has been a benefit to all of us in our personal and professional lives. Before computers and digitized documents it was a struggle keeping the work space clean and organized. I recall as a boy walking into my parent’s home office in the quaint prairie cottage I grew up in and seeing stacks upon stacks of papers waiting to be filed. It was enough paper to make a conservationist sick to their stomach. The computer and digital age has thus solved this mass waste of paper by electronically storing the documents that are most important in our lives. The computer has truly been a modern day hero by making all of our lives easier.

The computer has been such an important part in progressing business, communication, storing of documents and important information. So why do the majority of us treat our computers like the unwanted house guest? The high majorities of computers I see these days are sitting on the floor and are commonly used as a foot stool or for a little extra shelf space under the desk. Floors are constantly collecting dust and dirt that can make its way into computers. The floor is no place for a computer. Dust and dirt inside a computer can lead to overheating of critical components. Overheating can lead to slower speeds and a shortened life span of your computer.

Today the fastest growing product family manufactured by Kendall Howard is the CPU Brackets. These computer shelves are designed to mount to the wall or side of cube furniture to get the computer off the floor. Having the computer off the floor minimizes the amount of dust and dirt particles that can find their way inside venting and openings on computers. By simply mounting the computer off the floor users can expect fewer issues due to dust build up and a longer lasting life cycle. Do not wait until it is too late. Treat your computer like royalty by using a Kendall Howard CPU Bracket. These affordable and easy to install wall mount computer shelves are available in 2 sizes, Standard and/or Small Form Factor, and are always available to ship same day!

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