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Don't see a product to suit your application? Let us design a custom solution for you!

Kendall Howard can manufacture just about anything, rack related or not! We offer design and manufacturing services for those who have a great new product idea they want to launch to the market, or for those who have a challenging situation that can't be solved with an off-the-shelf option.

Here is an overview of the process:

Develop Specifications/Design

  • Collaborate with our team of experienced engineers to refine the specifications and overall design of your new product.
  • We will give recommendations based on the overall design, application and machine capabilities, as to the most efficient and cost-effective way to manufacture.
  • This one-on-one communication with the engineering team ensures that we will completely understand your vision and objective, allowing us to design exactly what you need.

3D and Real Life Modeling

  • Our advanced software allows us to provide full 3D drawings of your solution once designed.
  • This helpful tool allows us to not only evaluate the overall aesthetics of the product, but also set-up virtual real-world environments so that we can test product designs before prototyping or manufacturing.
  • These virtual tools allow our designers to test how the design will behave as a physical object, in motion, under various types of stress (i.e. weight, thermal, etc.) and even integrated with or alongside other components.

Quick Turn Prototyping

  • 99% percent of all designs are approved without change on the first try and can immediately move to the prototype phase. Of those, 80% will be ready to go straight to production without prototyping. However if a prototype is needed or required, our prototyping process is quick and painless. We will provide a complete, working prototype that will meet all of the specifications required in a matter of days.
  • All materials are housed in our manufacturing facility in Chisago City, MN, allowing us to get to work right away. Many times we are able to start the manufacturing of your prototype the same day the design is approved.
  • Our fleet of precision equipment and machines produce parts within .001 of an inch of the original design. This accuracy largely contributes to our prototype success rate. With 99.9% of all first prototypes being approved, we are able to get your product manufactured and in to the market faster.


When you are ready for the full production run of your product, there are a few different ways that it can be handled to accommodate your particular business situation. No matter which option you choose, our standard lead time for a full production run is typically only 2-3 weeks!

  • If your facility has the capacity to bring in full production run quantities, we can manufacture your product to order and bulk ship them to your location. This typically is the most cost-effective solution, however not feasible for everyone.
  • Sometimes you may want to receive smaller breakdowns of the production run over a long period of time. This is typically known as staged deployments, which we have a great deal of experience working with. For more information please see our Deployment Services.
  • We can also blind drop-ship the products directly to the installation site(s) that you specify.

We have successfully developed, produced and deployed thousands of custom products over the years. So the next time you need help with a custom product design, allow us to provide you with the service and quality you deserve. For more information call us at 651-213-1333 or fill out the form below and we will will contact you immediately.

Need assistance with even more? Check out our Value Add Services for more of our custom capabilities!

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