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Wall Mount Hardware Kit

SKU: 0300-1-001-00

0300-1-001-00 : Wall Mount Hardware Kit : Isometric View

Mounting cabinets and racks doesn't have to be a pain. The Kendall Howard Wall Mount Hardware Kit makes installing wall mount solutions quick and easy. With all the hardware you need to get the job done, the Wall Mount Hardware Kit will have you mounting your cabinets like a pro.

  • Phillips head bolts
  • Takes 1/2" drill diameter hole; meets Federal Specification Requirements FF-B-588D Type V
  • Pre-assembled, ready for use
  • Automatically adjusts to wall thickness
0300-1-004-00 : Wedge Anchor Kit 3/8 x 3 : Component View

The Kendall Howard Wedge Anchor Kit – 3/8” x 3” works with both wall mount and floor mount products that are being installed into a concrete surface. Four anchors are included with this kit to make mounting products, such as our 2-Post Relay Rack or 4-Post Adjustable Rack to the floor, a breeze. To install, use a 3/8” drill bit to create a hole (at least 1 ½” deep) in a concrete surface. Next, use a hammer to install the wedge anchor; and finally tighten the nut with a wrench. In just a few easy steps, your products will be securely mounted to any concrete surface with the Wedge Anchor Kit.

  • Includes four anchors
  • Suitable for mounting into concrete surfaces
  • Pre-assembled, ready for use
  • Requires a 3/8” drill bit for drilling into the wall or floor
0300-1-003-00 : Adhesive Backed Cable Holders - 9 Pack : Isometric View

Keep cables and cords in place with the Adhesive Backed Cable Holders. These self-sticking, rounded holders have a “mouth” to hold cables in place and avoid being tangled with other cables. They are made of a soft plastic material to help prevent damage or wearing of the cables. Once the holder is put in place, it will be a permanent hold for your cables. The Adhesive Backed Cable Holders are suitable for cables within a Wall Mount Charging Station, LINIER® Wall Mount Cabinet, 2-post rack, or other network enclosures.

  • Nine pack
  • Plastic material with TPU adhesive
  • Permanent adhesive
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

DVR Wall Mount Bracket Kit

SKU: 1917-3-002-00

1917-3-002-00 : DVR / VCR Wall Mount Bracket Kit : Isometric View

The Kendall Howard DVR Wall Mount Bracket Kit safely secures devices such as digital video recorders, sensitive network appliances or even tower computers. Some of this equipment can be extremely heavy, making the task of wall mounting the enclosure a nightmare. With the DVR Wall Mount Bracket Kit you can easily and safely wall mount the Kendall Howard DVR Security Lock Box.

  • Includes two brackets per kit
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Products 1-4 of 4

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