Value Add Services

Need even more than the standard design and manufacturing of a custom product?

Maybe you need application photos, custom branded marketing materials, or even specialized packaging? Everyday we develop and produce these types of materials for our own product line. With a full staff of photographers, graphic designers, packaging engineers and more, we can provide the expertise and talent to help you market or add value to your custom product or solution.

Marketing Materials

While establishing a new product for our own product line, we are always developing new ways to market it as well. Having well thought-out marketing materials to help promote the launch of a new product, will increase the success rate of the launch. We can create these same supporting documents and more to help the success of your custom solution.

  • Product cut sheets and dimensional prints are just a couple of the marketing materials that customers truly appreciate when determining to purchase a product. These documents can give crucial product information that can usually help close the sale.
  • Installation instructions can significantly improve a customer's overall satisfaction by making the product's assembly or usability easy to understand. No matter how simple or complicated it may be, we can create custom instructions to make the assembly go smoothly.
  • Whether developing a single product or a full product line, catalogs are still some of the best resources to show off a product's specifications and functionality. Whether you are looking for a full catalog spread or a four page brochure, our graphic designers and printers can design and print just about anything you want.
  • Filing for a patent or trademark on your product design can be a long, drawn out process. We have experience with filing for these legal protections and can shadow the process all the way through.


Your custom product may not just be a product, but an entire solution. We are happy to help with the integration of electronics or complimenting components. We take pride in our assembly and installation process and could offer you the same consistency and efficiency for the assembly of your complete solution. For more information see our Deployment Services.

Custom Packaging

Just like the product, the packaging needs to meet your needs as well. We have a variety of different packaging options to get your product to either its next or final destination in mint condition.

  • We realize that sometimes the packaging itself can be an opportunity to market the product or your brand, and for that reason we can provide options ranging from a standard brown box to custom designed 4-color retail packaging.
  • Some products may need to be shipped to various locations around the world, and the last thing you want is the product to get damaged. Our experienced engineers can provide a packaging solution that will protect your product from the worst case scenario. We can even have the packaging lab-tested by the courier of your choice to ensure no damage will occur.

Certification/Compliance Testing

Depending on the product, your design may need to be tested to ensure a variety of specifications are met such as security, environmental stability, weight capacity and more. Whether you only require in-house testing of the products characteristics and capabilities or a nationally certified approval (i.e. NEMA, UL, ect...) we will outline the process and coordinate its completion.


In this digital age, often good product photography can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Having clean, consistent, professional photographs to display or market your product is an investment worth making.

  • Our in-house photographers, videographers and editors can portray your product in a variety of ways, and with a quick turn-around. By having this capability in house we many times can photograph, video and edit your product before the production is complete.
  • We offer standard backgrounds and shot configurations to show off all the attributes of your product. If you would like the product photographed in another location or even integrated with other products, we are more than happy to accommodate.
  • All raw and edited photography and videos once approved, will be turned over to you for continuing or future marketing efforts.

Virtual Warehousing

Many times when having a custom product manufactured for you, the best way to get to the price point you need is by ordering in larger quantities. In some cases the problem becomes where all of the inventory will be stored. We understand this dilemma and are here to help.

  • We can set up a plan to warehouse and release your product in the quantities you can handle.
  • We can also blind drop-ship directly to your customers.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these Value Add Services please contact us at 651-213-1333, or by filling out the form below.

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