Go to the corner!

on Monday, January 19, 2015 8:15:00 AM

Wasted space is not acceptable in the world of network infrastructure. Whether that space be within a rack or the space the rack itself takes up. Well Kendall Howard has just the product that not only fits in areas that are normally overlooked, but it’s so unique we’ve been awarded a patent on this product.

We’re talking about none other than the Phantom Class® Corner Wall Mount Cabinet!

Unlike anything else on the market, the Phantom Class® Corner Wall Mount Cabinet has a unique, geometric shape, allowing it to conveniently nestle in the corner of any room. It saves you space while opening up space you maybe didn’t even know you had. And not just that! With its unique installation angle in the corner, you can monitor the equipment from pretty much anywhere in the room. No need to rearrange your network layout when you install the Corner Wall Mount Cabinet. Simply find an open corner!

While looks do matter, let’s not forget about the ruggedness of this one-of-a-kind cabinet. This bad boy has 17.5” of usable depth (27” actual depth), and is capable of holding up to 650 lbs. of equipment. Just think of the installation possibilities! Load it up with servers, switches, patch panels, and more – the Phantom Class® Corner Wall Mount Cabinet is more than ready for the task!

The Corner Cabinet’s shape and functionality may be enough to show you just how innovative this product is, but there’s still more! Because every installation and every job is different, the number of installers at each location is constantly changing. Well no need to worry about gathering a team together to install this beast! The Phantom Class® Corner Wall Mount Cabinet was designed to be installed by just one person. Not many cabinets are built for that.

And finally, to make terminating and managing cables simple, we designed the Phantom Class® Corner Wall Mount Cabinet to feature an open back design for easy access. We’ve also included laser knockouts on the top and bottom panels to make it simple to configure for any application or environment. The locking side panels can also be removed for easy access or maintenance.

Now that you can utilize space like never before, don’t get yourself backed in a corner! Instead contact us today so you can fill that space with the Phantom Class® Corner Wall Mount Cabinet.


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