A LINIER® door for any installation

on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Since the launch of our multiple door styles for our LINIER® Full Size Server Cabinets, we’ve told you how to pick your cabinet and the door styles we have available. But do you really know the reason for the four different door types and why each one adds its own value? Do you know when and why you should consider a glass door and not a vented door? Or when a solid is the right choice instead of convex?

Well, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you all that!

Let’s start with the glass door. It’s common knowledge that you can see through glass…therefore you can see through the glass door on our full size cabinets. This is the right door for you if you want to monitor your equipment without having to access it. Another reason glass doors are appropriate for some installations is that they help with air control. This feature is sometimes forgotten, but is highly valued. When combined with a solid back door, the glass front door helps circulate air that rises from the bottom of the cabinet and keeps units cool. Without proper air control your equipment will likely overheat and malfunction.

Now moving onto our solid doors. When you see solid, think security. No matter how much you squint, you can’t see through a solid door…and this is good! This means that your valuable equipment and devices will remain private, protected, and unseen by unauthorized eyes. Solid doors also help limit the amount of dust and debris that can settle within the cabinet. So when security is of the utmost importance, choose solid.

Vented. Perforated. Cut out. Whatever you call it, the functionality is the same. Our vented door promotes proper air flow in and out of your cabinet. It is ideal for installations that feature a lot of heat generating equipment. Because of its perforated design, the door does offer limited viewing so not everything can be seen with a quick glance. When air flow is key, vented is the way to go.

Our last door is a step up from the vented door – it’s our convex door. Similar in functionality to the vented door, the convex style also helps promote better air flow and circulation. But its unique curved front is what makes this door stand out. When you want to add a little extra professional look to your cabinet, a convex door is right for you. If you’re having trouble choosing between vented and convex, it really comes down to appearance preference.

OK, I lied. We have another door option…sorta. It’s the no door option! When you need a partially or completely open 4-post rack, choose between our no door/no side panel option or simply just no door. The completely open frame design of having no doors or side panels gives you maximum air flow for your equipment. If you need your devices to be somewhat concealed, our cabinets that have side panels but no doors will do the trick. Again, it comes down to preference and what is best suited for your installation.

Hopefully by now you have a better understanding of when you might want or not want a glass door…or when a simple change from vented to convex can make all the difference in your network system’s look. And whether or not you know which LINIER® Full Size Cabinet(s) you want to order next, we’d love to hear from you! Go ahead and contact us about your next order. We even have a cheat sheet available to help you find the right SKU.

And remember, all of these cabinets are made right here in the USA and can ship out within 24 hours! Just another reason why LINIER® and all of its door options can be the right choice for you!