A bittersheet farewell to the Portable Racks.

on Monday, May 4, 2015 8:20:00 AM

CHISAGO CITY, MN – Our 8U, 12U, and 20U Portable Racks peacefully discontinued on Tuesday the 10th of February, 2015. The Portable Racks are survived by LINIER®, Phantom Class®, Performance Series®, Performance Plus®, and the rest of the Kendall Howard family. Upon its release in late 2004, the Portable Racks inspired us and everyone who purchased them. It wasn’t just its simplistic design that captivated us. It had the ability to stack and lock in place, and with that, it never lost its integrity. Thanks to its rugged welding, the Portable Rack bared immense strength, making it both tough and dependable. We will always remember that about them.

Please look to your happiest of memories of the Kendall Howard Portable Racks as a shrine to its life. Do not forget them, but do let go and move forward. That’s what we all must do. We understand the void that our products’ discontinuation has created, but we have ideas and aspirations for the future. Our goal is to build upon the success of our loveable 8U, 12U, and 20U Portable Racks, and yet bring something new and exciting!

Portable Racks – you will be missed, but not forgotten.


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