A new wave of security - are we there yet?

on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 11:40:00 AM

As we near the upcoming ISC West show we are eager to see what is new in security. Technology continues to rapidly progress and we see it affect the security, datacom, and electrical markets alike. It still amazes me what you can do with technology and it leaves me baffled on what has the potential to come next. I see commercials advertising home network systems where you can control your lights, thermostat, garage door, home security systems, and even your faucets with a smart phone. We see this trend of wireless and remote security access creeping into the IT infrastructure market. However the more people I talk with people about these new technological advancements, the more I find that it doesn’t seem to be taking off as fast as most people might think. This is especially evident when it comes to the security and protection of network, electrical, and security racks and enclosures. Even though people always seem to want the newest and the coolest devices, when it comes to technology infrastructures some are hesitant. Are some just wary of the security they “can’t see” or is there more to it?

At Kendall Howard we continue to work on developing a brand new full size rack and cabinet line and we’ve done quite a bit of research into numerous locking and security options for this new line. We have considered everything from the standard handle lock (like you would find on most server cabinets, including our LINIER® line) to some of the most technologically advanced applications, such as fingerprint readers, magnetic keycard access, and even wireless control. But the most common request for securing a cabinet is a lock and other hybrids of the common lock, such as combination locks.

Now I know that more and more businesses, such as ours, are more concerned with securing the server or IT room rather than each individual cabinet. But with the thousands of server farms and data centers out there, who offer server cabinet space for rent and allow public access to that space, I would think that some of these more advanced locking mechanisms would be appealing. For instance, what about small businesses where the rack is out in the open? Take a fast food chain for example. Most of their equipment is housed in the manager’s office and the level of security in these types of locations is uncertain. With the constant turnover and employee changes that occur at these sites, the risk of losing the cabinet keys is imminent. This is where wireless or remote only access would be a great solution because you could restrict access and limit tampering to that enclosure without even have to worry about whose hands the keys are in. So again, for this scenario and many more like it, why haven’t high tech security devices made their way more heavily into the network enclosure market? What do you think?

Is it a financial/cost issue? Are we hesitant to take that leap to invest? Do people not see the value in the added cost? It’s possible. Some may even say it’s because of a generation gap. The younger generations of IT technicians are quick to want all the latest ‘techy’ solutions, whereas some of the older generations still see the value in physical, dependable security solutions. We have our educated guesses, but we really want to hear what you think!

Should IT cabinets and enclosures offer wireless access control or other advanced technological security options? Call, email or post below and let us know your opinion!


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