All you have to do is PIVOT!

on Monday, February 2, 2015 8:15:00 AM

Pivot…..Pivot…..PIVOT! If you are like me and were/are a fan of the hit 90s TV show FRIENDS, you probably have a hard time hearing or saying the word “pivot” without giggling to yourself about that iconic scene. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, YouTube or Google it now! With all of the FRIENDS fans in our office running around and yelling “pivot” (just about as often as people yell “hump day” to camels whether or not it’s even Wednesday), we got it in our head to make something out of it…literally. We successfully developed a cool new network rack that is based on the idea of pivoting!

At first glance, the Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack may look like similar products on the market. But in true Kendall Howard fashion, the quality of the product is second to none, and it has a unique little accessory that blows the competition away! Like other pivot frame or tilt down racks, this wall mount design allows you to install your shallower network equipment, such as patch panels, switches, and more. But with the simple twist of two pins, the rack frame pivots 90 degrees giving you full access to the back of the equipment. Once the equipment is pivoted down, now you can easily see cable connections for maintenance or changes.

What if you’re installing patch panels? No problem! Mount them into the rack with the included 10-32 screws, pivot down, and the rugged frame can even withstand the brute force of punching down the overwhelming amount of wires in a patch panel installation! The Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack also features an open back design that allows it to be installed over existing wall mounted equipment, and it features laser knockouts on either side of the rack for cable routing.

But what makes this rack truly shine is when it is paired with the Pivot Frame Stationary Rackmount Brackets. You see, before these brackets, there was a downfall (no pun intended) to using a pivot or tilt down rack. Typically these types of racks are used for small networks and equipment, such as routers and hubs and other small equipment that is typically not rackmountable. This equipment is then inevitably placed on a rackmounted shelf. Well if maintenance needs to be done to a patch panel or any other device in the rack, the installer will pivot the frame and all of the non-rackmountable devices will go tumbling to the floor! Ouch! But…drumroll please…we have a solution! The Pivot Frame Stationary Rackmount Brackets! These brackets provide 1U of space and can be installed on either the top or the bottom of the Pivot Rack to hold your equipment in place and not pivot or rotate with the other equipment! Now you can install a 1U rackmountable device or shallow shelf, such as our 1U 5” Component Shelf, to set your routers, hubs, or any other non-rackmountable equipment on and they will stay put! TA-DA!

But wait! It gets even better! (Yes, we’ll risk sounding like a cheesy infomercial, but it’s all in order to exclaim the truth!) The Kendall Howard Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack and its accessories are all gangable! What is gangable? It means that even though the Pivot Rack does come in a couple different sizes, if you need a larger rack solution, you can simply gang multiple racks right on top or below one another. Or separate them with the brackets and/or the Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack Cover!

So we hope you are still reading this, but if you’re not, we hope it’s because you’re already checking out the Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack. And if you haven’t checked it out yet, then what are you waiting for?! Quick! Act now! OK, we’ll quit with the infomercial bit, but there really is no time like the present to check out this awesome rack! Check it out online or contact us for more information on how you can get your hands on one of these positively unique pivot racks! You won’t be disappointed! And just in case you forgot…PIVOT!


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