Because we can!

on Monday, March 30, 2015 8:15:00 AM

We are all often asked, “Why?” Why do I have to eat my vegetables? Why do I have to clean my room? Why? Why? Why? We’ve all asked these questions (some of us even ask them to this day) and like our parents before us we know that, “why” is part of our quest for human knowledge and understanding. As a child, the answer I received from my parents never worked for me. “Because I said so” as they would tell me didn’t seem like a suitable response because I was still left wondering “why?” every time they said it. It’s as if they were hiding something or there was some secret they weren’t telling me. As I grew up, I swore I would never use the phrase “because I said so” in front of my children. But later in life I realized the meaning behind those four words and eventually in my 20s I understood the answer!

Because we can!

What a great and simple answer! After years of wondering, I finally realized all things are done and can be done “because we can” and that made life simpler. I began to understand that if you apply this response to all the “why” questions in life, you realize that it is a choice. It’s not mandated or something you have to do, but instead something you choose to do.

For instance, why does Kendall Howard solely manufacture in America? Because we can! We choose American manufacturing to ensure you don’t have to deal with long lead times, harbor strikes, quality inconsistencies, and warranty issues. As a company that is driven to work for you and your needs, we choose to make sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Why does Kendall Howard ship same day? Another great “why” question! Because we can! What good is manufacturing in the U.S. if there is a three to four week lead time? (It might as well come from China if it takes that long!) Instead Kendall Howard ships same day for most standard items, and for any products that are built to order, the lead time is only one to five days. Now that’s more like it. Why do we maintain short lead times? Not only because it benefits you, but because we can.

When a LAN Station or Training Table is ordered, why is everything grouped into one part number? Because we can make ordering simpler and we chose to make ordering simpler! Instead of having you trying to determine what leg kit, bracket, and types of hardware you need to assemble your furniture, we chose to simply have you select the size and color and leave the rest to us! It's that simple so why not, right?

What is Kendall Howard’s required minimum order? There isn’t one. Why? Because we can work without a minimum and we choose to do so! Every order you place is important to you and therefore it’s important to us. We choose not to mandate specific ordering requirements because we know your needs vary from day to day and even location to location, so why set a minimum? (That one pretty much answers itself.) Whether you need just a couple Spacer Blanks or 300 Wall Mount Racks, we choose to let you decide the amount you need…because, you guessed it, we can.

By now, hopefully you’ve recognized a pattern and understand why we run our business the way we do. We’re not just selling a product, we’re selling a solution! That’s how we operate and believe it or not, we’re not the first ones to do it this way. This practice has been around for years and Kendall Howard has chosen to maintain this strategy. Why do we do this? Not only because we can, but because it’s what you want! We’ve listened to your requests and adapted our philosophy to suit your needs! When you work with Kendall Howard, you’re in the driver’s seat because we can, and most importantly we will, exceed your expectations to deliver the absolute best product, with the best service, at the best price.


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