CPU Holders are a true space saver!

on Monday, March 6, 2017 8:15:00 AM

Years ago at one of my first internships, I had a very small workspace. In fact, my desk was actually one long desk that I shared with two others, and I was planted in the middle. But that didn’t matter – all I needed was space for my computer, phone, and notebook of daily tasks. And because I had limited desk space, my computer tower was located under my desk. No big deal there…and I actually turned it into my footrest. (Sorry computer and tech guys. Please try not to cringe as you read that statement. I’m sure you hate reading that a computer was being used to prop up my feet.) But I learned my lesson one day. It was summer and I was wearing a pair of sandals…and somehow my foot became tangled in the cords. Before I knew it, the tower tipped over and landed hard on my foot. Yes, I broke my toe and immediately screamed in pain. Well, lesson learned I guess! Don’t use computer towers as your personal footrest! (And before I forget to mention…the computer was just fine. It didn’t even flinch or stop working as it fell on me. It’s like it knew it would happen one day and was just laughing at me.)

But just where was I supposed to put this computer tower if not on the floor? Like I said, I did not have much space to work with and had someone sitting on both sides of me. So it wasn’t like I could put the tower next to me – talk about creating a barrier between me and people I had just met. Awkward! So instead, we should have found a better solution.

What would have been the appropriate solution to all of this? Simple! CPU holders! Any one of Kendall Howard’s CPU holders would have sufficed for our small workspace. Each holder (or shelf) has been designed to mount under a desk or on a wall – basically anywhere but on your desk! Plus, if PC towers are mounted under a desk, that actually makes them easier to access. Instead of crawling under your work surface to plug in a USB drive, you could just simply reach down and have the USB port easily available at your fingertips. CPU holders are also safer for your PC towers in the long run. If towers are not on the floor, they are less likely to be kicked over and damaged…and if they’re not on the desk, they are less likely to be vulnerable to coffee spills. Basically, CPU holders help keep your equipment protected. But which one should you choose?

No need to fret. Kendall Howard has three options to choose from. Our Desktop and SFF (Small Form Factor) CPU holders are two we can start with. They are similar in design and look like an extended bookend with a long, flat back. Their difference only comes into play depending on how large or small your PC tower is. The Desktop version holds towers up to 8” wide, while the SFF version holds towers up to 4” wide. Plus, for added support, a 50” hook and loop strap is included to hold your tower in place. Because of their universal design, both the Desktop and SFF CPU holders will hold pretty much any computer tower on the market that weighs up to 75 lbs. And as a bonus, these shelves couldn’t be any easier to install. They ship fully assembled so all you have to do is take it out of the box, secure the hardware through the mounting holes, and settle in your tower. That’s it!

Moving onto our third option. Our Adjustable CPU Holder is a PC holder with a twist; or rather adjustable knobs. Let me explain. This L shape holder adjusts in both its width and height, so it will grow or shrink to accommodate any tower, large or small, and secure it in place. Like the other two versions, this CPU holder also comes with a 50” hook and loop strap. But because of its versatility and multiple mounting options, we’ve actually included two straps. The Adjustable CPU Holder can hold up to 60 lbs. and also comes pre-assembled and ready for use. So again, no need to fret over any of these designs!

So what’s the point of all this? Well, simply put, if I had used any of these CPU holders years ago in my shared working environment, no additional workspace would have been used, the PC towers would have been in a secure, protected location, and I wouldn’t have had to wear ugly, open-toed flats for the rest of the summer. So to protect your computer towers (and your feet), check out our CPU holders today!