Changing alongside the security market

on Monday, April 13, 2015 8:15:00 AM

The security industry is growing and evolving rapidly. Manufacturers like us are working hard to stay at the forefront of the new technology that is reshaping the marketplace. IP-based camera systems are becoming more common as the cost starts to drop closer to high-end analog systems. With all the new technology being released, it brings more benefits, greater functionality, and yes, of course, a higher price tag.

How do our products keep up with the trend?

Kendall Howard helps maintain efficiency in the industry by manufacturing appropriate products for securing and protecting equipment from damage, tampering, and theft. For instance, we manufacture secure enclosures and lock boxes which are commonly used for these purposes. Today DVR, NVR, and power units are smaller than ever. To accommodate that Kendall Howard developed a ‘one size fits all’ solution for clients who want to lock up these devices – the DVR Security Lock Box and just recently, the 15” deep DVR Security Lock Box. Our enclosures are lockable, cutting off equipment from damaging anomalies and more dangerously, the free will of the human race. (Basically it means you can’t get into these bad boys without the key.)

What was the reason for the new 15” DVR Lock Box?

As the industry continues to change and equipment becomes smaller, complimentary accessories and products must be developed. Kendall Howard knows that and we plan our product development around that concept. (How else would we stay in business if we didn’t adapt?!) The smaller lock box wasn’t developed to replace our existing lock box, but rather add another size option for you. They both accommodate nearly any network or electrical component out there in the security market, and both models are able to support an exhaust fan, which comes in handy for equipment that generates a lot of heat.

Why is any of this important?

So you don’t get robbed! (Well that’s not the only reason but the one we want to highlight right now!) In robberies, the security system is stolen more often than not…and that’s often because it’s not well protected. And if you’re not securing or protecting your security equipment, then really, what good is it? But have no fear, both of our DVR Security Lock Boxes are secure! With these lock boxes being 11 gauge metal boxes with a recessed hinge, we guarantee these are tough to get into. You’d be foolish not to lock up your equipment and restrict access…because protected equipment means the better chance of protected data. And we can’t put a price on that.


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