Habla Kendall Howard?

on Monday, June 8, 2015 8:15:00 AM

I went to a big name store the other day with a fist full of dollars and the intent to buy something. What I was intent on buying was still a mystery me. Usually such an epiphany comes to me after a good thirty minutes of meandering through product-rich aisles. Then it happened. Suddenly like a sparkling diamond in a pile of pitch black coal, it caught my eye. I reached out to pick up the Nikon DSLR Camera I have fancied for the past couple years…and it was on sale! I stood mesmerized. Then my feet went on autopilot to the register until I saw something on the box that gave me pause. Without getting into too much detail right now, I’ll tell you it was something I didn’t expect, which created more questions inevitably requiring answers. However, after twenty long minutes of awkward silences with three different “experts” who all concluded they had no answers to the feature that alerted me, they just told me to Google it. And even though I craved to own this camera, after all that was just said (or lack thereof) I returned the camera to the shelf and left the store empty-handed without spending a dime.

If a store employee (and so-called “expert”) can’t explain to you why a great product is oh so great or at the very least offer to go look up an answer they don’t know, then why would I listen to them? That doesn’t sound like any “expert” I want to deal with. Well, the great thing about Kendall Howard is that you won’t experience that with us! We are fluent in the language of…well, Kendall Howard. (This is when you’ll ask yourself, “What is the language of Kendall Howard?” Well to know it, you must first understand it like we did! So just wait and see!)

To understand how we learn the language of Kendall Howard, let me take you back to every employee’s beginning. Kendall Howard’s first act after hiring you is teaching the company motto: “The answer is yes. Now, what’s the question?” But how do they get us all to really understand this motto? Well, during the first week, new hires work on the production floor. You could be hired for HR, sales, shipping, marketing, IT – it doesn’t matter. Everyone begins by working on the shop floor because we believe that if you are going to represent a product, you need to completely know the product. You need to know how it’s built and the amount of work that goes into it. During my first week on the production floor I learned to appreciate every part and every product because of the time and energy it takes to construct each one. I began to really care about what we produced and it was then that I realized I was beginning a journey to help me truthfully and knowledgeably back each product and its purpose when necessary.

After my time on the production floor, I shadowed the other departments - from engineering to marketing to everywhere else. With wide eyes I watched our engineers program paths and assign them to the machines out in the shop. I saw a basic promotional concept turn into a complete marketing campaign to increase web visibility. In Order Entry, I navigated the ins and outs and twists and turns to have a complete understanding of what it takes to have an efficient and production ordering system. No matter what department I was in, I gained an appreciation and understanding of the importance of everyone’s play here at Kendall Howard. Once that part was done, it was then and only then, that I was ready for my training as a salesperson to begin.

With this training I’ve learned that at Kendall Howard, we are a team of experts who are ready to assist you in any capacity. We get you the answers you’re looking for – even if at first we don’t know them, we will find them for you! Because of our rigorous training, we sell our products based on fact and actual experience. It’s not just something we read in a manual – we’ve lived it so we know what we’re talking about. We are not here to push products that may or may not work – we are here to find the best solution for you and deliver the absolute best quality. If we can’t, we take it personally because we are experts just for you! We don’t want you to find yourself in a big name store, trapped in a foreign land of products, surrounded by people who don’t even know what they’re talking about. It’s in those situations that you can tell information is just memorized instead of learned. Well, here at Kendall Howard, memorizing won’t cut it. You have to truly learn and understand these products in order to speak the language.

So, back to the initial question, what is the language of Kendall Howard? Is it the 'customer is first' mentality? Maybe, it’s IT solutions? Could it be the art of selling the ultimate accessory? Or the network infrastructure “know how”? How about passion and knowledge? Yes. Now, what other questions do you have?


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