It's all up in the air...

on Monday, October 26, 2015 8:15:00 AM

Or rather up in the cloud. Nowadays when we talk about something being in the “cloud” we typically aren’t talking about those white, puffy, cotton-like substances we see in the sky. And we aren’t looking up at them trying to determine what person, shape or statue it looks like. Instead we’re talking about an invisible, yet massive and highly valuable data storage center.

While we cannot see, touch or feel this storage center that does not lessen its significance in today’s world. Thousands of people rely on the cloud on a daily basis, both at home and at the office. Some of us even down right depend upon its capabilities and trust that the information or documents we need will be readily available at a moment’s notice. Most of us probably use the cloud more than we think.

At home the cloud might be a central backup center for your homework, photos, and those countless iTunes® downloads. On the job, the cloud is used for similar purposes but it can also be the base for storing all your critical files. It can even be the platform for your necessary software, such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Reader®, and more.

What is it about the cloud that has us all so fascinated? Well, for one thing it’s pretty dang cool that we no longer have to rely on disc drives to store all our data. We don’t have to waste valuable workspace by storing cases and cases of floppy discs…and in fact, because of the cloud and its immense storage possibilities, the need for some rack equipment is downsizing. Smaller equipment may suffice or perhaps none is even necessary if the data can be secured in the cloud. (But! Let’s not forget that even with the astounding capabilities the cloud has to offer, that doesn’t eliminate the need for racks and cabinets. Somethings still need to be stored within these physical products…and we know just the manufacturer who can help! Hint – you’re on their site right now! ☺)

But let’s get back to the cloud. Beyond just saving you physical space in your work area, the cloud also saves you the hassle of spending hours trying to track something down. Instead of taking the time to load multiple discs to view its contents (because who knows what the label on the disc says and if it’s actually true) you can simply use a search engine to locate your files. What a time saver!

In some ways it leads me to wonder what did we do before the cloud? Well we know what we did…but just think about how far we’ve come and how easy it is these days to access and store information. Everything is faster and more convenient, and I’m sure within the next few years there will be even more benefits from the cloud! Now that’s something to look up at the sky and ponder about!