Kendall Howard Employees Dress Casual to Support Local Children

on Monday, December 8, 2014 8:15:00 AM

In September 2013, Kendall Howard employees came together to create a unique fundraising plan to benefit the city of Chisago. At the time, Kendall Howard did not have a casual Friday dress code. Throughout the years, many employees had requested a casual Friday but were denied. Then a few creative minds came together and came up with a unique idea to pitch to the CEO. In exchange for allowing employees to wear jeans on Friday, each employee would have to donate $5.00 that would be given to a local charity. The CEO was so impressed with his employees’ thoughtfulness that he happily approved the request…and so began casual Friday!

In just over a year of collecting $5.00 each week from those employees choosing to participate, the staff at Kendall Howard raised more than $1,500 to help support local families. As an added donation, the CEO surprised its employees by matching the amount raised to increase their donation value.

All along the plan was to use the funds to purchase toys during the holiday season to donate to local families in need. With more than $3,000 to spend, the Kendall Howard employees were elated with this task! A group went to Toys R Us in Maplewood, MN and flooded multiple carts with children’s toys, board games, books, and more! In the end, they had seven shopping carts packed with toys a receipt that was more than 15’ long that no one could fit it in their wallet! Another group went to Dick’s Sporting Goods in Roseville, MN to purchase items for teenagers and young adults. Razor scooters, baseball gloves, lacrosse sticks, basketballs, and more packed the carts. The remaining funds were used to purchase iTunes gift cards.

In the end, there were too many bags and too many toys to count, but all items were donated to Anonymous Santa – Chisago County who support approximately 400 families and 1,200 children during the holiday season. Click here if you are interested in learning more about Anonymous Santa – Chisago County or how to help support local families in the area.

The entire experience has been extremely rewarding for Kendall Howard. But the real reward is knowing that dozens of families will have an abundance of dolls, race cars, skateboards, and more to help enrich their holiday season.


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