Kendall Howard dives into a fun week!

on Friday, August 26, 2016 9:20:00 AM

Raise your hand if you’ve ever worn a onesie, a rainbow wig, dressed up like Luke Skywalker, or went the entire day without combing your hair. If you’re reading this, I expect your hands to be up…because let’s face it, we’ve all done at least one of these. But notice how I didn’t ask when did you do this? That’s kinda the point. Sure, we might have done these when we were children or on Halloween, but the staff at Kendall Howard did all this and more (so much more) last week.

No, we didn’t lose a bet or dare each other to show up in absolutely ridiculous outfits…in fact, we were requested to dress up every day! As part of a team building, restructuring exercise, we participated in what the managers deemed Splash Week.

So let’s dive right in! (Haha, get it?!) The idea behind Splash Week was to help the entire Kendall Howard team realign focus with our positions and with the company. Yes, the planning took several months, but this wasn’t something we wanted to rush. Part of this entire initiative was to help us refocus our efforts…so why rush something like that?

After months of prep, in late July the entire staff was informed about this plan. And because the week could become somewhat stressful, the CEO surprised us with a unique spin on the week. This week was meant to test us and see if we will “sink” or “swim” with our newly assigned duties…hence the evolution of Splash Week!

So now that you know the back story, let’s get to the fun part. Walking in last week we thought we were walking into Sea World! The walls and ceilings were covered with blue and white balloons…aka water. The windows and doors were complete with multi-colored streamers to replicate the ocean floor. And we even had inflatable inner tubes and blow up sharks hanging around the office. (Shockingly I never heard the “Jaws” theme song once the entire week…) The crew went all out!

Now, back to those onesies and wigs I was talking about…yes, we had a spirit week! Talk about some good laughs! Let’s recap the week.

Monday – Pajama Day: It’s hard enough rolling out of bed on a Monday, let alone getting ready for the day. So we kicked the week off in our pjs (appropriate pjs of course). Some brought stuffed animals, others wore adult onesies, and it was definitely a “messy hair, don’t care” look around the building. But hey, it was Monday. I think we got points just for showing up!

Tuesday – Sports Apparel Day: Now we all knew this one would be interesting. For those of you who don’t know, we’re located near the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and yes, we have fans representing both states. We knew this day would bring its own level of fun and energy. There were Vikings fans, Packer fans, Twins fans, and even indoor tailgating was set up. Someone was smart and dressed up as a referee to help manage the multiple teams. The day was full of fun, cheering, and just a little bit of rivalry.

Wednesday – Crazy Hair Day: Surprisingly most people combed their hair that day…it’s what they wore over their hair that was the surprise! We saw all kinds of wigs, including a zombie bride hairstyle, a spiked orange cut, a short bob blue look, and naturally Elsa’s long, beautiful braid. There was no shortage of acrylic hair among us that day.

Thursday – Movie Character Day: It’s safe to say we probably had the most fun with this day. At first no one knew who in the world they would try and replicate…but once we experienced the first few days of Splash Week, the ideas were flowing and we came up with some great outfits. There were so many great celeb picks that I can’t even name them all. But here’s a few:

  • Alan (Zach Galifianakis ) and his devilishly-awesome satchel from “The Hangover.”
  • The unruly combo of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy from “The Heat.”
  • We saw just a glimpse of Julia Roberts as the “Runaway Bride” – boy, she’s fast!
  • The favored father/son combo of Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker.
  • And before she forgot who she was and where she was headed, Dory graced us with her presence and “kept swimming” the entire day through.

Friday – Crazy Apparel Day: Going into today, we had no idea what to expect…but let’s just say, the creativity level certainly hit its peak for the week! We saw pieces of clothing we never knew were invented, a lot of vibrant colors from the 80s, and even some bright pink body paint that brought us to tears from laughing so hard. What a way to close out the week!

Even though the week is over, we won’t soon forget the many outfits we saw and memories we made during Splash Week. (There are in fact some outfits permanently engrained in our minds…whether or not we want them to be.) Thank you to the management team for creating such a fun spirit week for us! I think we took spirit week to a whole new level…sea level in fact!