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on Monday, February 16, 2015 8:15:00 AM

Best products! Best quality! Best service! You’ve heard Kendall Howard say that since the beginning, but that’s because it’s true! Our entire philosophy is geared toward providing the absolute best quality products and best customer service every single day. We’ve continued to do that and improve our methods since our foundation more than a decade ago. How do we do this?

Well, when Kendall Howard says, “We do it here,” we mean it. And not just “here” as in the United States (or even Minnesota for that fact) – we mean here as in our large manufacturing facility in Chisago City, MN. Whether you’re in need of outstanding products, customer service, product information, or product development, we are here for you! And we all work under one shared roof so no matter your request, you’ll receive first-rate, friendly service which is backed by a large team of helpful and dedicated employees.

Until you’re able to visit us (or we’ve finished an audio/visual tour of our facility to give you the complete Kendall Howard experience), allow me to take you on a journey through our daily lives! Learn how we turn raw materials into finished goods within a manner of days, and sometimes just hours. Stop by each of our departments to watch as a new idea transforms from a CAD drawing into a real-life product. There’s no time to waste! “Walk” in our front doors, lace up your shoes, secure your safety glasses, and let us show you how we truly do everything here!

As soon as you step foot on the production floor, be warned, you’ll hear a pounding bang, bang, bang! That’s our first stop! What you hear is one of our turrets hard at work cutting out parts for any one of our hundreds of products. The turret department’s specialty is cutting any part that has a lot of venting patterns or forms, such as lances for cable management, hinges, and more! Working in conjunction with the turret department is our cutting edge (haha, literally) fiber optic lasers. These lasers are a “cut above the rest” especially when it comes to cutting out unique patterns and curved edges out of sheet steel. Either way, our quality fleet of turrets and lasers are so accurate that they hold a tolerance within one human hair thick! The investment into these machines is just one of the ways that help keep our product costs down. Not only can we run the fiber optic lasers with the lights out (meaning they can run 24/7), but we also are able to program parts on almost every inch of a sheet of steel, leaving very little waste!

Once the parts are cut out and removed from the sheet, it’s time to form those parts using one of our brake press machines. Our measurements are extremely accurate (down to the thousandth of an inch) to ensure consistency. But we don’t just count on our tools to do the perfecting and quality checks. We do that as well! Every time a new part is ran, it is triple checked by multiple employees to ensure accuracy and precision.

Now that your parts are formed, you probably have several pieces lying in front of you. Perhaps it’s two rectangular pieces, with four large openings and an abstract cut out in the middle. (Good guess – I’m talking about our Modular Wall Mount Rack!) To complete this one-of-a-kind product, we simply need to attach an edge to each piece, and we have just the right people for that task! One or more members of our talented assembly team will rivet the necessary parts together and complete your product. But that’s not all they do! They will also package your product with the appropriate dunnage, foam corners or cardboard inserts to help ensure your product makes it safely to your door! There’s no jamming products into a random box pulled off the shelf. Instead we’ve carefully crafted the packaging for each product to create just the right fit. Come on. Would we really risk scratching our beautiful new product that we just made for you?! We would never even think of it!

What we do think about and focus our time on is getting products to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Maintaining low lead times is of utmost importance to us, and yet another reason why it benefits to do everything here in one location! We are able to control the manufacturing of our products and the status of our inventory. You’ll notice a lot of our inventory is kept right here in our warehouse. We manufacture to stock and have dedicated a huge portion of warehouse for stocking product. With our vast amount of storage space we have numerous products ready to ship out the door!

Speaking of getting your product out the door, we’ve reached that part of the tour! It’s time to get your finished and properly packaged product from our shipping dock to your location! Whether you’re shipping small package or LTL freight, we strive to have our products ship same day! (We understand that you might need a coffee break now, but hang on! The tour and our job is far from over!)

Now that your package is shipped and on its way, we know you might want an ETA for your product. Well you’ve come to the right place! In fact, you haven’t even left because, that’s right, we do that here too! Our elite sales and customer service team members will provide you with anything you need from quotes to product specifications to tracking information and much more! Go ahead and call! We’ll pick up anytime! (At least between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. CST. We do allow our sales and customer service representatives the chance to go home and sleep and think about more ways to provide the absolute best service for you.) And when you do call, you won’t get an automated voice or touch dial prompt system, but rather a friendly and helpful employee who is eager to assist you! You may also connect with us by emailing or click that blue Live Chat button you see on the right! No matter which method you choose, you’ll get a live person every time! (If you want to see who you’re chatting with, check out our About Us page and see a few members of the Kendall Howard team!)

While chatting online or on the phone with us, you might realize you need more than just the best products and the best service. Maybe now you need help reselling or promoting your product! No need to get out of your chair or do a Google search to find someone, because you already have! We are here to help you with that too! Our sales team will join with our marketing department to create the promotional item(s) just right for you. We can help you design banners, email blasts, ad campaigns, and much more in both digital and print formats. Just let us know what you need – we’re ready for the task!

You now may be thinking, “Wow! They really do all of that?” The answer, of course, is yes! And while we’re nearly done, there’s still a very important stop left on our tour. We can’t forget about our expert engineering and development team. Without them, we would not have had the opportunity to provide you with the best quality products for more than 10 years. Our engineers are the ones who design, test, and make sure every product works the way it needs to and meets any specific requirements you may have. They strive to ensure they cover every angle and meet every objective. That goes for the entire Kendall Howard team! We work hard day in and day out to ultimately do what we said at the beginning – give you the best products, the best quality, and the best service! Our success is dependent on every department and every single person’s effort. There really is no “I” in team when it comes to us – there’s not even an “I” in Kendall Howard! What does that tell you? We are a group that works as one, in one building to give you everything you need.

Well it’s time to wrap up! We’re back at the reception desk so you can return your safety glasses, and think about everything you just learned on our tour. We hope that not only do you contact us soon to find out how our resources can benefit you, but that you stop by for an in person tour so you yourself can see just how we all work together, here, under one roof.


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