Manage trunk cabling with the Cable Cove!

on Friday, May 29, 2015 8:15:00 AM

We’ve all read those articles or seen those nightmare photos of racks and cabinets being so overwhelmed with cables that it’s nearly impossible to tell where one cable ends and another begins. It can be so overloaded with cable managers that you have little or no room for other products or devices. While we love cable managers and don’t want to shy away from using them, we also don’t want them to dominate the rack. But what if there was a rack that took care of all of this? What if it provided the base structure/support of a rack with the functionality of cable managers?

Well there is! The Cable Cove Rack was designed for just such an occasion! It’s a reliable 2-post rack that provides ample space for trunk cabling. With this rack, the cables won’t just carelessly hang to the floor and hide your equipment – instead the cables will neatly feed down the side of your rack and be well kept. And what about those excess cable managers? Nonexistent with this rack! This rack eliminates the need for vertical cable managers because the side frames act as a vertical cable manager. So instead of having cable managers installed from the top to the bottom of your rack, and most likely using up valuable space next to the rack, the Cable Cove routes cables to their proper connection points in an organized fashion. Saving space next to your rack is especially useful when ganging multiple racks together. You will no longer have cable managers separating your racks – you can in fact install these racks right next to each other!

But space isn’t all the Cable Cove saves you! It saves you some green too! By installing this “all in one” rack solution you are cutting down on the amount of cable managers you need, therefore cutting your overall cost. Talk about a cost-efficient solution! (I bet you didn’t realize you could save dough AND save yourself from the hellish nightmare of tangled cables. Well, you can!)

Just in case we haven’t completely sold you on this rack based on its dual-purpose and cost savings, here’s a little more to chew on. Yes, this rack solution will help you cut costs, but that certainly doesn’t mean we’ve cut the level of quality. Quite the opposite in fact! The Cable Cove Rack was built with a robust, heavy duty design so it can handle any network, large or small. Don’t be afraid to load it up with servers, UPS’s, rack shelves, patch panels, switches, and more! This rack is ready for the challenge!

Go ahead and save yourself the agony of a disheveled rack by installing the Cable Cove Rack and keeping your cables well maintained. Here at Kendall Howard, we don’t like a messy room and we certainly can’t stand a messy rack…so solve this problem before it starts!


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