Not your everyday hardware!

on Thursday, August 6, 2015 8:25:00 AM

Don’t you just hate it when you’re installing a new IT server cabinet or rack and you run out of screws to finish the job? Either you didn’t pick up enough screws at the hardware store or, heaven forbid, the company shorted you and didn’t send you enough! And now you’re left scrambling…but how are you supposed to complete your installation without an essential piece of the puzzle?

OK, before we answer that, here’s another question to get you thinking. What if that hardware you needed could be sent to your local retailer overnight? Yes, that means that within a matter of hours you could continue your installation and have it wrapped up in no time. Well, here’s the kicker – Kendall Howard can answer both those questions with just one product!

That product is rack screws! Kendall Howard rack screws are superior, American made and unlike the average hardware store item. The hardened steel used to construct these screws produces a high quality finish with lasting stability. And even if you forget to include these in your order, don’t worry! Rack screws are easy to package and we can ship them overnight! So you no longer have to find yourself in a bind – we’ll ship out rack screws right away!

But even if you’re not in a rush and instead have a pile of rack screws sitting next to your toolbox, did you know that these are universal pieces of hardware that you can use with just about any racking solution? Yes, that’s right – with brands other than just Kendall Howard. (Granted, we don’t know why you would venture outside of our inventory and order another brand… ☺) To screw in rack screws, all you need is a Phillips head screwdriver or bit, and you will be assembling and installing in no time! And like we said, these are superior rack screws that are constructed with a high quality finish. It’s not cheap, loosy goosy material that makes up these reliable pieces of hardware. We construct only the best!

What makes these rack screws so unique and stand out compared to other hardware is the pilot point. Its straight pointed section below the thread helps to self-guide the screw to prevent accidental stripping, while also improving the ease of installation. We carry four different pilot point sizes (10-32, 12-24, M5, and M6) so they can work with racks and cabinets across the board!

So whether you’re getting low on screws or need some right away, Kendall Howard rack screws are the way to go! These are unlike anything else in the hardware store and are definitely something you want in your toolbox!