Playtime at the summer picnic!

on Monday, July 20, 2015 8:15:00 AM

When’s the last time you challenged your co-worker or boss to a race through a bouncy house obstacle course? Or enjoyed spending the entire day with your co-workers on your day off? Well, at Kendall Howard we all can say we did that last weekend at the summer picnic! And it wasn’t just us – it was our entire affiliated family.

Earlier this year we mentioned that Kendall Howard, along with two other companies (Lemon Water Salon and Spa and Zaggie Macs E-Cigs) is part of a larger company, Innovative Holdings Group (IHG). Every summer IHG hosts a picnic for the entire IHG family…and their families! Yes, you can bring the kids to this event and we guarantee they will have fun! The day is packed full of outdoor entertainment that is brought in and set up just for us! We run, jump, and likely fall in the bouncy house, compete in an egg toss, challenge each other at bean bags, chow down on the fresh pig roast (no, we’re not kidding), and most importantly, enjoy the free goodies from the ice cream truck! It’s just like being a kid again!

Every year the summer picnic gives all members of the IHG family the chance to relax, kick back, and bond as one giant group. It’s another way the owner, Randy Herreid, gives back and thanks his employees for all their hard work and dedication through the year. It’s simply just a day full of fun! There’s no dress code, shop talk or quotes to respond to. The only challenge we face is deciding which delicious Popsicle or ice cream sandwich to start with.

No matter the weather or what giant bouncy castle we’re running in and out of, the picnic has no shortage of entertainment. Either we’re painting murals on our faces and arms, trying to beat last year’s egg toss score or running after each other (and our kids)! But this year the activity level reached new heights – literally. A giant rock wall was brought in to test everyone’s fear of heights. Some of us hit the wall running and couldn’t wait to reach the top…others tried to at least make it three feet off the ground…and then there was the group that chose to leave the aerial view to the imagination.

Even though this year’s summer picnic is over, we can’t wait to see what next year will bring! Will there be a relay race? Bocce ball tournament? Build your own sundae bar? Go karts? Roller coasters? (Yes, Randy – these are all hints! ☺)


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