Tablets are taking over the world!

on Monday, June 13, 2016 8:15:00 AM

With the launch of our new Wall Mount Charging Station this month, it really got me thinking about how many different applications and places this could be used for. Even though the obvious use for a charging hub like this would be in a classroom or training facility, but really…tablets are taking over the world. If I stop and think about how many tablets I come into contact with on a daily basis, it’s insane. It feels as if our lives and businesses are being run by them. So let’s talk about some of the maybe not so “in your face” places that a thin profile, secure cabinet like this would come in handy.

Like many people, I start my day with coffee…and like many places, the local coffee shop uses a tablet for their cash register. Over the years I’ve watched this become the trend at many fast food and takeout food chains as well. Many times I’ve noticed the register stands are not secure, therefore an expensive device is left out and unprotected from theft.

But back to my day. Now that I have my coffee, next I may stop at the bank. Here I am greeted by a banking associate, carrying a tablet. They can either help me with a basic banking need or get my name entered into a virtual wait list. And speaking of virtual wait lists, this is also a trend I’ve seen grow over the past few years at banks, cell phone retailers, and restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, let’s go back to my day.

When it’s lunch time, I usually eat and occasionally go out to eat. Even at restaurants, tablets are everywhere. Not only is the host/hostess using a tablet to create and maintain the wait list and a list of open tables, but the servers are also using them. They use them to help explain menu items, order food right on the device, or even help customers pay at the table. Some restaurants have even taken it a step further and have a tablet sitting on each table that allows the customer to do all of this themselves. With all of this technology that is being provided and paid for by the business, it’s crucial that these devices are charged up and secured each day!

OK, back to my day real quick! After work, if I am not running one kid to dance class or another to hockey practice, I do enjoy the occasional retail therapy from time to time! And even at those locations I am met with more use of tablets. I notice this even more in the retail busy season, from Black Friday through Christmas. Often during these busy times, seasonal employees are brought in to help keep the massive checkout lines from growing out of control. Last season I noticed numerous department stores had employees walking around with a tablet, equipped with a scanner and a receipt printer, hooked to their waist. They were able to ring up my purchases right there in the middle of the store, and then I was on my merry way. It was so convenient…but again, it leaves me wondering about where all those electronic devices get stored and charged?

So, as I sit and ponder all the ways that the modern day tablet has completely integrated itself into our daily lives, I can’t help but wonder if businesses are making sure their investments in technology will last. Let me walk you through my thought process. First off, do they have a central hub where these devices can charge when not in use? If yes, are these ‘hubs’ proprietary to the type of tablet they are currently using? With the ever-changing technology, will businesses have to upgrade their charging station as well to keep up with the new devices? As if upgrading tablets wasn’t expensive enough, having to switch out your charging solution every couple of years can add up quickly.

Secondly, are these charging hubs secure? Tablets are not cheap and unfortunately so many times it seems like they can grow legs and just walk off. When this happens, it’s not only a financial loss to replace the device, but time is also spent having to reinstall and reprogram a new device to make it ready for use. Another reason security is so crucial is the dreaded thing called PCI compliancy. Now, typically if you are doing any payment transactions on a tablet, the data is being hosted offsite or running through a server that is probably locked up and following the PCI standards. But, as a precaution, if it were my business, I would want to ensure any device that has been taking payment information was secured each night, just in case.

And lastly, one thing I know for sure is that restaurants and retail spaces do not have a lot of extra space. (How do I know this? Well, I spent many years working in such locations before I began my glorious journey here with Kendall Howard.) In restaurants and retail stores, typically every inch of floor space is being used…so where are the tablets being charged? A floor solution is not ideal because it takes up valuable floor space. And in general, it is just not a good idea to store these items on the floor. Mop water, spills, grease, someone’s foot are just a few of the dangers that could harm your electronics. And even if tablets are off the floor and instead in a wall mounted solution, these cabinets can still pose a challenge. Typically they are in a big, bulky box that protrudes way far out into the room. And if you’ve ever been in the back office of a retail store or restaurant, you know it’s a scary thought to have a 1-2’ deep cabinet sticking out from the wall. I know I would hit my head every time! Not to mention, this still takes up valuable walking space.

By now, I am sure you know what I am going to say…just like in a cheesy infomercial, “We’ve got the product for you!” You saw that coming right? Well, the truth is, we do! It’s our new Wall Mount Charging Station. This cabinet, although perfectly suited for the education and training facility market, is also perfectly suited for so many other areas as well. With its wall mountable, low profile (only 6.5” deep) design, it truly provides a safe, secure, central hub for charging and housing tablets, and some smaller laptop computers! On top of that, it is not proprietary to any brand of tablet or charging cable.The cabinet can be customized to secure and charge a wide variety of devices!

Now that I have your mind reeling with all the different possibilities, go check out the Wall Mount Charging Station to see all the other cool features I haven’t even mentioned yet. And as always, feel free to give us a call! We are super excited about this product and are ready to answer any question you may have!