Take the BICSI Challenge!

on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 4:00:00 PM

At Kendall Howard, we are always looking for ways to challenge ourselves and advance our knowledge to become better (actually the best) when it comes to designing, testing, and prototyping products. This means going beyond what we know and paying close attention to the standards/certifications set forth by our industry. Not only does that drive us to continually set the bar higher for ourselves, but these standards are a great reminder as to why it’s imperative to keep up with the growing trends and technology in the IT industry.

One standard that is crucial to our industry is BICSI. Now you might be familiar with this name and are thinking, “Hey, I’ve been at that expo before!” And you’d be right! BISCI does host tons of trade shows and conferences all across the globe every year. While we’d love to go down the trade show road right now and talk about the great benefits the BICSI show provides, we are going to take a different avenue! Let’s simply talk about BICSI and why it’s a “powerhouse” for multiple industries. And let’s see how YOU, not just your company, can reap these benefits.

First of all, what is BICSI? The Building Industry Consulting Service International association creates standards and guidelines for use in the design, installation, and integration of information communications technology. It defines current practices and drives improvement in quality and system performance for voice, data, electronic safety and security, A/V technologies, and more! But that wasn’t its initial purpose. Back in 1974, BICSI was developed to assist building industry consultants and telecommunication professionals. While it still does that today, just like the world we live in, BICSI continues to grow and advance over time. And it’s not just the IT professionals who share in the advancements, but pretty much anyone. Let me explain!

In today’s world, BICSI can apply to you…and we mean YOU! Not just the company you work for. Yes, BICSI was developed to support companies and their intended goals, but it now also encompasses and works with the needs and goals of individuals. And it doesn’t matter your field! BICSI expands its arms across multiple trades including broadcasting, architecture, government, and even construction. You all can be backed by BICSI! With all the information, education, and knowledge available to you, it’s easy to dive in and begin advancing your professional stature – regardless of your job title! BISCI is there to support you and help you meet your goals and enhance your opportunities.

Now does any of this philosophy sound familiar to you? I’ll give you a hint – you’re on their website right now! Kendall Howard has very similar interests and goals for our customers and growing network! Just like BICSI, we are a support system whose ultimate goal is to help you achieve what you need. We also share this common interest – to ensure we meet the high demands of today’s ever-growing and ever-changing technology. Our product families even cover a wide spectrum so virtually anyone can benefit from our products and services. And even though we currently do not offer certifications, we challenge our engineers to become BICSI certified to better ourselves, better our products and services, and ultimately better what we do for you. We now challenge you to evaluate the career path you’ve set for yourself and see if BICSI is a suitable standard for you! Are there other standards we should be challenging ourselves with? What do you think? Post below or email us at sales@kendallhoward.com and let us know!


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