Waiting for our 15 minutes of fame!

on Monday, April 27, 2015 8:15:00 AM

As a rack and IT furniture manufacturer, we fully understand that in many situations our product line is not the number one priority. Spec’ing the technology is usually everyone’s main priority – and rightfully so! However, time and time again, our product line is suddenly needed urgently because the rack or technical furniture has not been spec’d or is not ordered and delivered on time.

Well there are ways to avoid that panic! For instance, once during a deployment project, we had a customer say it perfectly. When we were following up on the progress of the spec’ing process they said, “We’ll let you know when it’s time for your 15 minutes of fame!” Even to this day, this makes me smile! See, for this particular deployment, the entire project totaled well over $12 million, and the rack/cabinet portion was just under 7% of it. This ratio is very common for most IT installations and upgrades. But even if the rack, cabinet, and technical furniture portion tends to be less than 10% of the project (financially speaking), we try to urge installers and integrators to make sure we are involved throughout the process, and here is why.

First of all, IT infrastructure products, such as two post racks, wall mount electrical enclosures and LAN Stations, typically need to be the first item to arrive at the jobsite.Almost everything else that is being spec’d (servers, network switches, computers, monitors, cabling, and so on) gets installed into or onto the rack, cabinet or furniture. But if those products aren’t there, thousands of dollars will be spent on technicians who have been scheduled to be there and then they have nothing to do! Not to mention the added expense of now having to delay the project!

Second, our products have a lot of responsibility. Just like a supporting actor in a movie, the racks, cabinets, and technical furniture support the big buck actors (the equipment going into them). And just like the screening process for selecting the right supporting cast, the same thinking goes into how we choose to manufacture our products. For instance, if you were spec’ing $100,000 worth of servers, battery backups, and more to go into an enclosure, what type of enclosure would you feel more comfortable with spec’ing for the space? An overseas rack that does not adhere to even some of the most basic quality standards, has a 4-5 week shipping time, and costs $600? Or, an American-made rack that adheres to strict quality control policies, is in stock and can ship same day, and just costs a little more (closer to $700-800)? Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and in this case the small added expense well pays for itself in the long run. This investment protects the integrity of your equipment and determines whether your devices attain their lifespans.

Third, at Kendall Howard we take quality VERY seriously. If our products fail, it not only costs time and money to replace the rack, but a defect also runs the risk of damaging components and devices that are 100x the cost and take 100x longer to set up and install. With all that responsibility sitting on the rack, cabinet or technical furniture shoulders, we think it should make our products move up on the project priority list.

And lastly, by having Kendall Howard involved in the project early on, we may be able to help mitigate costs if you explore options such as our Deployment Services. When a project calls for deploying new or upgraded technology to numerous locations, such as retail stores, fast food chains and more, we can help “rack ‘n stack” the solution. This is where we ship you/your locations a completed solution and it then it also helps decrease shipping and in-the-field labor costs, promote consistency from location to location, and so much more.

So while we are perfectly fine “waiting for our 15 minutes of fame,” by involving Kendall Howard in the project a lot earlier in the process, we can ensure a smooth, well-planned, and well executed IT solution deployment. Why not consider us right off the bat for your next supporting role?


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