Wall mounting made easy!

on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 9:15:00 AM

Nowadays owning a flat screen TV is like owning a cell phone – pretty much everyone has one. And over the years, entertainment systems have drastically changed in design and functionality. Instead of having a massive wooden structure that uses up half the living room, these days entertainment systems are more flush against the wall and primarily designed to support multiple electronics. Entertainment systems are no longer just a place holder for a TV, but also a PlayStation, Wii, iPod dock and more. We’ve even reached the point of expanding the installation out of the cabinet because several TVs are now mounted directly on the wall. But just how reliable is your installation? Do you know for sure if your flat screen is well anchored to the wall?

With our Wall Mount Hardware Kit not only can you rely on its durability to hold up your television, but the kit is so easy to use that it’ll have you mounting TVs and devices like a pro in no time! You can even hang wall mount racks and cabinets in minutes with the Wall Mount Hardware Kit!

Here’s how it works! To begin, determine where holes need to be drilled into the wall for installation. Then drill or screw the necessary holes into the wall. Once the holes have been made, insert the toggle of the hardware kit into a hole and use the finger loop to pull it back firmly against the wall. Next, slide the bolt toward the toggle until it is flush against the wall. You will then need to separate the finger loop from the wall and snap the toggles off the wall. Now you are ready to install your product – whether that be a TV, wall mount rack, DVR Security Lock Box, or some other unit. If you’re looking to add extra strength to your wall mount product, you can also install washers for stability.

See, it just takes a few quick steps to have the wall mount installation of a professional. Next time you create an entertainment system or add to an existing one, you will be certain that you have the quality and stability you need to properly hold your devices. Contact us today at sales@kendallhoward.com for more details about the Wall Mount Hardware Kit!


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