We love our city!

on Monday, June 29, 2015 8:15:00 AM

If you can’t already tell by our American made products, Kendall Howard likes to keep things local. And this doesn’t just mean by producing products solely made in the USA, but also by encouraging and assisting our local community! This community means a lot to us and we like to make sure they know it! Allow me to explain our city and the shared interest of continual support we have for each other.

Kendall Howard is located in Chisago City. (Yes, Chisago with an s. Not to be confused with the windy city…we get that a lot. ?) Chisago City is a small town located about 30 miles north of the Twin Cities. But just because it’s small in population doesn’t mean it’s small in character. In fact, it’s a very lively city and frequently visited by people heading up north or to their Wisconsin lake home getaways. And to us, Chisago City is home. We choose to come here every day to help make a difference in our company…and if we’re lucky, our community too.

Part of our mission statement says that we are proud to support our local communities as they continue to support us. See – our community is that important to us that it’s even one of the four key elements of our core foundation. Kendall Howard really does value its relationships - especially the ones we’ve established with our local retailers over the past few years. These relationships are vital to our business because if we can’t support and make an impact in our own town, how could we ever make a groundbreaking or state-of-the-art influence in an entire industry?!

One of the ways we like to show our support for Chisago City is by giving back. We do this in part by sponsoring local events and charities. For instance, every year we work closely with Family Pathways to help promote their business and raise funds. Family Pathways is an organization that supports local residents by providing food and clothing assistance and much more. They operate nine thrift stores in the northern Twin Cities and surrounding areas, including Wisconsin. In April of this year, Kendall Howard was one of the sponsors of Family Pathways’ Spring Gala - a fundraiser to help raise money for the refugee network. The evening was packed full and included a silent auction, live auction, and some incredible speakers that brought most to tears. What a great evening it was and we were proud to attend the event, but more importantly help support the cause.

Coming up in August, Kendall Howard will sponsor another Family Pathways event. In Chisago City, the summer festival is Ki-Chi-Saga and it sure is a hit for the community! It’s a weekend full of fun for all ages! The festival includes music, fireworks, tons of food vendors, craft fairs, and a 5K and 15K Walk-Run. As in previous years, Kendall Howard is a presenting sponsor of this race, and in fact, some of the Kendall Howard team usually signs up and participates in the run! (And I’ll be honest…most of us usually walk. ☺)

Both of these events, plus other events hosted throughout the year by Family Pathways and other local companies, are just some of the ways Kendall Howard feels welcome and right at home in Chisago City. It warms our hearts when we’re asked to attend or sponsor an event, and every year we look forward to discovering new ways we can support and assist our local community!


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