What's in the Kendall Howard Kool-Aid?

on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 11:15:00 AM

Often you hear the staff at Kendall Howard talk about pride. You can see it in our products and hear it in the voices of our customer service and sales team on a daily basis. But you may not understand why. You may even wonder, “What’s in Kendall Howard’s Kool-Aid?”

In all reality it’s really not something we can explain. Sure we can tell you, time and time again, how much pride we take in our products and how much pride we take in the quality of work we produce. We can talk endlessly about the amount of pride we take in our processes and efficiencies, and how we take pride in each other as colleagues and coworkers. And yes, we can talk about the extraordinary amount of pride we have for being an American manufacturer. But we don’t want to talk your ear off…especially when experiencing it for yourself is much better. We believe it’s something you have to witness to understand.

Here’s a great example! Last week we had a reseller in town for a visit. We started the visit off with a tour of the facility – something we have all done hundreds, if not thousands, of times! But this time, the owner had a break in his schedule and offered to conduct the tour. This happens frequently and every time it does, it never disappoints. Experiencing all that is Kendall Howard through his eyes is like seeing it for the first time, because no one takes more pride in all of our successes and accomplishments than the owner/founder of Kendall Howard. Sure, it’s exciting to hear about all the technological advancements we have in machinery and the efficient manufacturing processes we have implemented, but to me, what’s truly inspiring is to bask in the sense of euphoria and pride that he has in what we have created. His passion and drive, although very cliché, is contagious. It infects everyone. And when you experience that, you really start to understand where we all get it from. In other words, HE spikes the Kool-Aid. And because of that, we have a team of truly unique, talented, and extremely driven individuals, with an unyielding sense of pride.

So, if you’re one of those individuals who may wonder, “What’s in Kendall Howard’s Kool-Aid?” come see for yourself! The next time you are in the area, come and visit us and let us show you! You truly have to see it to believe it!


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