Do more with less space!

on Monday, February 6, 2017 11:40:00 AM

Is there anything more annoying in the IT industry than network cables twisted together in one giant mess?? At the very least it’s something we’d all like to avoid…even if it isn’t the worst thing we’ve seen in the field. Tangled cords and cables are just a headache waiting to happen.

One of the ways Kendall Howard can help you avoid tangled cables and unnecessary headaches is by using our Flanged Lacing Bars in your network racks. Whether you use our 3” deep, 5” deep or standard Flanged Lacing Bar, any size will help you efficiently manage your network cables. How do they work? Well to start, their size and versatility makes managing cables more than possible. You can do more with less space because the Flanged Lacing Bars use less than one U space when you mount them above or below your connections. And in some cases, you will use no U spaces at all when you mount them behind or in front of your network devices. All you have to do is find the area(s) you need cables managed and mount the lacing bar in the position you’d like. There’s no need to stress about finding ample space to install your cable managers. In fact, these cable managers were designed to relieve stress from your cables.

If you’re looking for even more ways to relieve cable strain/stress or even create a proper bend radius for your cables, the 3” D and 5” D Flanged Lacing Bars are just the right sizes. What’s a bend radius and why would you want to do it correctly? Well, sometimes we don’t want our cables to simply hang down from their connections. Instead we want to let them to slightly suspend away from the equipment, but still in a controlled manner so our cables don’t get damaged. In these cases you want to promote what’s known as a proper bend radius for the cables. The extended depth that the 3” D and 5” D Flanged Lacing Bars offer provide a way for your cables to extend out from the equipment and then be managed safely. When you have cables installed this way, you limit the risk of slower data speeds and broken cables because your cables are not bent or causing too much stress on the connection points. No matter how you choose to install those cables, we know you’ll want to keep those connections in their place at all times. With our Hook and Loop Cable Ties, you can secure each cable or a group of cables in place on the lacing bars. Simply wrap the tie around your cables, slide the strap through one of the slots on the lacing bar, and you’re all set.

Now, just what slots am I talking about? Well, when you look at any of our Flanged Lacing Bars you’ll notice it’s covered with holes. While these may be aesthetically appealing, they are not just for show. In fact, these slots provide numerous lacing points for your cables (hence the word “lacing” in the name). With these lacing slots you can route cables top to bottom or left to right – whatever suits your application! And because slots cover the entire length of the bar, you can conveniently route cables end to end.

As you can see, there are multiple possibilities with just these few products. But don’t just take our word for it. Give these products a try today! And remember – you can avoid the strain on your mind, and of course on your cables, when using the Flanged Lacing Bars.