Getting down to the core…our core values.

on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 9:00:00 AM

One of our core values is being supportive. Why is this value so important to us? Because our core values make us who we are…and being supportive is a very important piece. Yes, we are a manufacturer, but our products are just that… products. With the changing markets, our product line will change. New products will be developed, old products will be discontinued, and while I am the first to say our product line is a cut above the rest, at the end of the day, it’s just a product. What truly defines Kendall Howard is our values, and being supportive of one another, and our customers, vendors, and community is what truly makes us stand out.

You may be thinking, well every organization says they are supportive. However, I believe here at Kendall Howard, our bar is set very high! As a team, we are inclined to always react in a positive way when we are approached for help or guidance, whether this is by a coworker, vendor or a customer. We find it rewarding to contribute and are honored to assist. Also, we tend to be very receptive when asked to perform a task that may go outside of our scope of practice. In fact, we welcome opportunities to work outside of our assigned responsibility and/or comfort zone.

We demonstrate respect toward each other and our customers. Knowing we cannot rely solely on ourselves, we trust one another and believe in each other’s capabilities. Our team is patient, polite, and considerate. We notice and acknowledge the successes of our peers, customers, and the community. Lastly, we are sincere and genuine toward one another.

Kendall Howard is blessed to have a team of employees and distributor partnerships who all believe in this high level of support, and who exhibit this quality each and every day. It is for this reason that Kendall Howard will continue to succeed. For more information about our values, check out our About Us page.