Keep calm and add cable managers

on Monday, February 20, 2017 8:20:00 AM

Here at Kendall Howard, cable management isn’t just something you should do because it makes your installation look better or because we think you should. Even though it does add a little time to your initial installation and does involve a slightly bigger investment upfront, we want to help you understand how cable management helps you as an installer, and can help your company’s bottom line.

Let’s first go through the reasons why cable management is important, and then, most importantly, let’s talk about how that affects you.

Increased Productivity and Reduced Downtime – Now, what does this mean? Well, I like to use the example of a teenager’s bedroom. (Bear with me.) I think most of us can relate to the “organized” chaos that we called our bedrooms in our adolescent years. Trying to find something in there was sometimes a nightmare and in many cases, led to wasted time and energy. So how does this relate? Imagine an IT closet in the same state as your teenage bedroom. Rather than clothes, shoes, and video games, there is a chaotic masterpiece of cables! A lot of cables! If as an adult you are given the task to move a user from one area of the building to another, and you just need to locate their network port to plug into their new location, it seems like a pretty simple task. Until you encounter the jungle of cables. You struggle to identify which port you are looking for, and now you have to maneuver through the large mass of cables that leaves you feeling as if you are in the next in “Mission Impossible” trying to weave through death lasers. Once you have completed that mission, you hope that the new port location isn’t in the same disarray you just tackled. What seemed like a simple task, to relocate a user’s port, has taken three times as much time. This not only left the user/customer unproductive during this time, but you as the installer also have used more of your valuable time than you should have. Our time is one of the most valuable resources and making sure we are efficient with it is important to all of us. As a contract installer, business owner or an IT manager, increased productivity and reduced downtime all positively affects the bottom line. So just like our parents would say, while standing over our garbage pile we called our bedrooms years ago, “Clean up, and organize your stuff today, so you don’t have to struggle with it tomorrow.”

Improved System Performance - Here is another benefit of cable management that we all talk about, but what does this really mean and how does it affect you? It is pretty standard knowledge that when setting up an IT rack installation, your network and/or data communication cables should be routed and separated from your electrical and power cables. For those of you who don’t know why, it’s because together they can cause something called Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). It basically means they can mess up each other’s signals. This mostly affects the data/network cables, which do a lot of the most important work within a rack solution. By separating and managing those cables on the front end, you will save yourself from buying stock in Advil® or Tylenol® from the headaches that EMI can cause. You can have the top-of-the-line, smartest, most powerful equipment, but if not managed properly, you could be trying to trace down numerous errors or spend a lot of time trying to fix slow data transfer speeds. No one wants to invest in expensive equipment and not have it running at its best. So make sure when installing, you set it up for success by properly managing and routing the cables.

Improved Scalability - And lastly, another one of the most talked about reasons for implementing cable management into your racking solution. Organized systems are much easier to move. If you have systems organized and well managed, moving them or relocating them is far less of a hassle. Let’s face it, things change. Networks grow, shrink, and everything in between. Make your job easier by being prepared on the front end. That way when it comes time to for change, you will look like a rock star for making the transition so smooth!

Now for the best part…in my opinion! ? Why Kendall Howard cable managers? Well, you already know they are manufactured in the USA, which is a huge plus, because you know the quality is going to be top notch. You also know that we stock these products and they can be shipped same day, so there is no delay in your installation. But what you may not know is that unlike many other manufacturers, we do not increase our margins on these products just because we can. At Kendall Howard, these American made, quality cable managers are not just an add-on to increase a sale. We recommend them to be an add-on to increase the usability and functionality of the rack, cabinet, and overall installation. Whether you are a contract network installation company or a one person IT department, cable management helps you do your job.

Be sure to check out our full line of Horizontal and Vertical Cable Managers today. Invest a little more today to save yourself time (which is money) tomorrow!