No ifs, ands, or buts...this rack adjusts! (And so much more!)

on Thursday, January 12, 2017 8:30:00 AM

If you haven’t yet checked out our 4-Post Adjustable Rack, you need to! This product is packed with so many features and numerous ways to use it – it really is the definition of versatility. Let’s take a little tour of this simplistic, yet multi-functional rack.

First of all, let’s talk about the overall design. At first glance it may seem like your basic 4-post server rack, and well, it is. Or at least that is one of the uses. You see, the entire frame is adjustable. From 26” to 38” of usable depth, it can be used as a networking rack for switches, patch panels, hubs, and other shallow depth equipment. Or if you need a deeper, more robust rack for servers and battery backups, simply adjust to the depth you want…and voila! The extended depth and 1,600 lb. weight capacity makes the rack ready for a more intense installation! Not to mention, being able to easily adjust the depth of the rack allows you to customize the rack to any environment. Let’s face it, the cost of network real estate is going to continue to grow and you can’t waste any of it. Why have a 36” deep rack when you only need 24”? It’s simple – save money and space with this adjustable design.

The rail design is another simple, yet brilliant feature not always found in other 4-post rack designs. You see, they are a C (or U) channel rail. This provides another rail, about 3” behind the front and back rails. Meaning, if you have rackmount equipment that you want mounted back about 3” to allow for cabling in the front that doesn’t protrude from the rack, you can do that. Or you could mount cable managers and/or power strips to that set of rails. That way you are not taking up any of the valuable U space in the rack!

Another simple, yet very useful design feature is the L base and top brackets. The steel L bases on the rack provide a sturdy base that can be, and we recommend, anchored to floor. (Check out our concrete Wedge Anchor Kit.) While we also recommend installing the heaviest equipment at the bottom of the rack, the combination of the L base design and the floor anchoring provides a very safe and dependable rack solution. The top L brackets provide the perfect platform for ladder racks or cable trays to be installed.

And if you call within the next 30 minutes…just kidding! Whether you order now, or years from now, the Kendall Howard 4-Post Adjustable Rack automatically comes with pre-installed grounding studs. These eight grounding studs, combined with the included tooth washers, work together to provide an important feature that many other 4-post racks lack – electrical grounding. With the cost of equipment, such as servers and managed switches, continue to rise, don’t you want to protect that equipment as best you can? Well, we make it easy! Simply ground each piece of equipment to the grounding studs, or make it even easier with the use of bus bars that can be installed on the grounding studs within minutes. Don’t waste tens of thousands of dollars because you didn’t electrically ground your equipment.

Speaking of money, if you haven’t noticed, another rising cost is shipping expenses. Shipping is expensive and if you have to ship it freight, you better anticipate paying almost as much as the product for the shipping. Well, that is not something you have to worry about with the 4-Post Adjustable Rack. Not only does it ship small package, but it all ships in one box! Some other 4-post racks out there do offer a knockdown design, which allows them to also ship small package. However, each rack requires two, sometimes even three, shipping boxes which significantly increases the shipping cost. But not ours! We get you everything you need to quickly set up and install an adjustable racking solution in just one box!

Now, I could go on and on about numerous other advantages of the Kendall Howard 4-Post Adjustable Rack, but many of the advantages are things you have come to expect when working with us. Things like no lead times, products in stock, same day shipping, American made quality, limited lifetime warranties, and more. And this rack has them all! So the next time you’re in the market for a 4-post server rack, network rack, rack for a small data closet, or even a rack for a data center, be sure to take advantage of the Kendall Howard 4-Post Adjustable Rack!