We have no shortage when it comes to top quality!

on Friday, December 30, 2016 10:45:00 AM

Here at Kendall Howard we’re constantly promoting our high quality products and attention to detail. One of the ways we’re able to continuously produce top quality products is by purchasing and maintaining top quality machines. We are meticulous when it comes to ensuring each laser, brake press, hand tool, and so on are working at their optimum levels. For instance, our machines have monthly maintenance done on them to ensure all gears are working correcting. And if between maintenance checks we notice that a part isn’t cut out or formed correctly, we immediately take action to evaluate the machine.

By maintaining a high quality level of machines, we’re able to be extremely precise with our specs and measurements. We push our equipment to the max when it comes to tolerances and require all parts to be within 0.0010”…which equates to the widths of three human hairs. (That’s pretty darn small…so that means our machines are pretty darn accurate.) While other manufacturing companies allow for tolerances to be up to ¼”, we don’t even recognize tolerances that can be read in inches.

So, what does holding a tolerance of 0.0010” mean for you? It means that our products will fit perfectly together and there will be no holes misaligned during assembly. There will be no discussion of, “let’s just make it fit” or having the uproar of frustration trying to get parts that are slightly off somehow work together. We avoid all that and in the end have top notch, high quality products. Our purchased materials also make it possible to produce cutting edge, superior products. For any raw material that we purchase, we ensure that it is also held to our stringent tolerance before we begin using it.

But our continuous high quality products don’t just come from our machines and materials; it comes from our staff too! While our products are sent through the laser, brake press, welding, and assembly operations, after each step, the product is carefully inspected. This helps to ensure that if by chance any discrepancy has occurred, it will be caught before it moves onto the next step. And when products make it all the way through our manufacturing process, there will have been at least three to four separate departments reviewing the work that was done. Plus, within each department, there is at least three people inspecting the product. Now, that’s a lot of eyes on one product. But we all know that two sets of eyes are better than one, so why not have multiple sets of eyes reviewing each product?

As we continue to grow, we will continue to develop more quality assurance procedures to maintain our reputation of producing high quality products. We stand behind our products and hope you will too!